Pepperoncini Salad!

29 Oct
Pepperoncini peppers are some of the best spicy peppers that there are in my opinion anyway. They are flavorful more than hot. They are one of the few hot peppers that I can just eat all by themselves. They go...
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Spicy Lasagna!!

27 Oct
Lasagna! Everyone loves lasagna. The cheese and the noodles and the !!Cheese!! I don’t know anyone who can resist my mom’s lasagna. I managed to get her to cook me some so that I could take a picture of it...
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Thanksgiving Turkey Burgers

20 Oct
This year Thanksgiving was canceled last-minute and my husband and I were left on our own for thanksgiving dinner. The only thing I had at home Thanksgiving related was my cranberry sauce so I created a meal with that as a starting...
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Tomato Basil Omelet with Feta and Goat Cheese

15 Oct

It’s that time of year! Everyone I know is harvesting their tomatoes and my counters are over flowing with them! One of my all time favorite tomato recipes is this one. The basil is really what makes it!

4 eggs

1 tomato diced

2 tbsp goat cheese

1/2-1 cup cubed feta

Dried basil

oil for the pan

Heat your favorite frying pan to medium heat. Add the oil and be sure to coat the pan with it. Pour in 4 beaten eggs and sprinkle a generous amount of the basil over top of the eggs. while the eggs are cooking get to work chopping your tomato and crumbling your feta. I like really big chunks of the time you are finished that the omelet should be ready to flip. Once your omelet is flipped spread the goat cheese along on half of the omelet add tomatoes and feta and fold the empty half over all the ingredients. I usually cut the omelet in half (because there are two of us) and then slide the omelet onto the plate. This really does pair well with asparagus but it is just fine on its own too.

If you don’t happen to have goat cheese it is just fine with out it. Also, if you happen to have fresh basil I would chop the basil and add it with the tomatoes rather than adding it to the eggs.

Bacon Fried Brussel Sprouts

8 Oct
Fall is here. The time of family feasts is upon us. With Christmas just around the corner the meals where “weird” veggies make their appearances are coming up fast. I’m not going to lie; I love almost all vegetables. Brussel sprouts are...
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