How to Cut Up a Leek

1 Oct

Ever since the book French Women Don’t Get Fat I have been in love with Leeks. If you add a leek to a recipe often you don’t need to add anything else for flavor! Not even salt! You can actually make soup that is delicious with nothing more than leeks butter and chicken broth. But first you have to know what to do with a leek. What on a leek is even edible? In order to cut up a leek you must get a large sharp kitchen knife. It has to be sharp to work. Next hold the leek by the white end and whittle off the dark green ends in three or four long strokes. you should be left with the white end and a long pointy light green end. Next cut off the roots from the white end. Slit the leek in half lengthwise and then chop how ever you want. Leeks tend to be gritty and sandy on the inside so be sure to wash them well. When it comes to cooking just treat them as you would any onion.


29 Sep
I love Chili! During my weight watchers days it was always my go to low cal food. The secret for the best chili (in my opinion) is in the toppings. Chili is not chili without a little spice and a...
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Taco Night!

25 Sep
I have to admit every single time a friend on Facebook announces “TACO NIGHT!!” I am filled with dinner envy. I love taco night! I think that every one does. Here are the ingredients that I think make the perfect...
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17 Sep
This is a very important cooking technique to learn. It is basic and very much a technique for a beginner but anyone who tastes something that has been braised will swear that you are a genius. Braising is when you...
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10 Aug

Okay, I’ve been leading up to this all week! The king of breakfast favorites. Eggs Benedict!! Once you try this at home it will ruin going out for breakfast for you. It is so easy and I promise that anyone can do this at home so much better than what you get in your average restaurant.

Basic Benny

What you need:

  • Eggs (free range preferably)
  • Vinegar
  • Butter
  • Lemon juice
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Mace (optional)
  • Paprika
  • Oil (for frying back bacon)
  • English muffins
  • Back bacon/ Ham
  • A slotted spoon and towel (for the poached eggs)
  • Bowls (for eggs)

Get your pot of water with vinegar simmering for your eggs and another pot of water simmering for your Hollandaise. While you wait for them to come up to the right temp start the back bacon or ham frying so that it’s warm and hopefully a bit crispy by the time your eggs are ready for it. Once your back bacon is frying crack your eggs into separate bowls so that they will be ready when the water is. Next separate the yolks for the Hollandaise and set the whites aside for another application (perhaps some Swiss meringue butter cream!)

By this time the water should be ready for you to poach your eggs. Be sure to put the English muffins into the toaster and start it before dropping the eggs into the water. The toaster will be your timer to let you know when your eggs are ready. Drop your eggs into the water and immediately start preparing your Hollandaise. Everything should line up perfectly for English muffins to be ready, buttered, with the back bacon added. Scoop the eggs out of the water (one at a time) rest the spoon on a towel for a moment and then transfer the eggs on top of the back bacon on the English muffin. At this point the Hollandaise should be good to go so grab a spoon and ladle some over top. Just sprinkle a little paprika over each and there you have it the perfect classic Benny.


Get creative with your Bennies! Try whatever you think might taste good. My favorite is to put a huge scoop of mashed avocado under the back bacon and then a generous scoop of crab (or artificial crab) and shrimp on top of the egg and cover the whole thing with Hollandaise. Delicious!

You could use real bacon, sausage, steak, salmon, the sky is the limit. You could also add tomato slices or cheese. Maybe add some tarragon to your Hollandaise and make it a Bearnaise Benny instead.

Bennies are perfectly paired with asparagus and tomato slices. It’s a good idea to have fresh, bitter and acidic flavors to help cut through the richness of the fat in the Hollandaise and the yolk of the egg on your palate. I would also recommend that you accompany this breakfast with orange juice and coffee for the same reason.

I really do hope that you try these! Bennies are amazing and so easy to make.



8 Aug

There is no breakfast superior to Eggs Benedict. If you are going to make an amazing Eggs Benedict you are going to need to know how to make hollandaise sauce. A person could always go to the store and buy one of those packets of instant hollandaise. They are pretty good too. However, I think that it’s important to at least try a from scratch recipe at least once before you decide if it’s not your thing. So without further ado Hollandaise!!

You will need:

4 egg yolks

4 Tbsp of water

1/2 cup of cold butter chopped into pieces

2-4 tsps lemon juice

Cayenne pepper



Pot of simmering water


Start a pot simmering on the stove and separate your yolks while you are waiting for it to get to the right temperature. Add the yolks and the 4 tbsp of water to a bowl and whisk them while holding the bowl over the simmering water. Be sure that the simmering water is not actually touching the bottom of the bowl as you don’t want to end up with scrambled eggs. It is very unlikely that your eggs will scramble if you just whisk them continuously. I’ve actually seen people make hollandaise without a double boiler and it turned out just fine because they stirred it really fast.

After about two minutes or so the yolks will start to thicken. Once the yolks are thickened start adding your butter one piece at a time until the sauce is the consistency that you would like it to be. In my experience you might want to leave it a little on the thin side as it will thicken up while it sits.

At this point remove it from the heat and add the lemon juice and seasonings to taste. If you don’t have mace don’t worry about it but it really is worth trying with mace so if you like making hollandaise maybe think about picking some up the next time you’re at the store.

You can leave the bowl sitting covered over the simmering water OFF the heat while you wait for the rest of the meal to be ready for the awesome sauce you just created.

The sauce can curdle if it gets too hot. If this happens you have to cool it down ASAP add an ice-cube or two and stir it with the bowl sitting on ice or in cold water. Be sure to whisk the sauce as fast as you can to bring it back together.

Good Luck!! Enjoy!


Garden Dill Salad!

19 Jul
I love this salad! Another recipe from my grandma’s era. I look forward to this one all year too. 1 Head of Fresh Garden Lettuce (any variety) 1 or 2 Fresh Garden Onions 1 or 2 Handfuls of Fresh Dill...
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17 Jul
I really notice the difference between home-made pancakes and ones made out of a box. These have a much smoother, chewier texture than the kind you get in a restaurant and are definitely worth the little bit of extra effort.   1 Egg 1 Cup...
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