Helpful Products for Baby

22 Jul
These are all of the things that I had to run out and get because I suddenly needed them. Hopefully they will help you be more prepared. Nursing pads and overnight pads. The thin pads really help sore nipples feel...
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Things to Expect after Labour

20 Jul
Swollen Feet: Alright, I’m sure there are a few things that should be prioritized on this list above this one. However this was the thing that I found the most upsetting. As labour approached I started getting really excited to...
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Tips and Tricks for Babies

15 Jul

  • Cut finger nails while baby is eating babies are usually a little sleepy when they eat and much less wiggly.


  • Always try to burp a breast fed baby but don’t get too caught up on it if your baby doesn’t burp. Breast fed babies burp much less than bottle fed babies. If your baby falls asleep after eating you don’t have to wake him or her up to burp him. Babies get really squirmy when they need to burp if they aren’t uncomfortable then they are just fine and don’t need to burp.


  • Babies don’t really do anything at all until they are about 2 or 3 months old. They don’t smile, they don’t play with toys, and they don’t really notice things around them. They just sleep and eat. This was kind of surprising to me. I thought my daughter would do more. It wasn’t until around 3 months when my daughter became interested in toys.


  • Once you start going longer than 6 hours between feedings you will start ovulating and can get pregnant again and may also start menstruating again.


  • Babies drool all over everything and there is something in their drool that actually “disinfects” the things they put in their mouth. This is why they can lick the floor and not get sick. At least not as sick as you or I would get. (I have no idea where I got this information from. I’d like to be able to link something to it because it sounds a little iffy but it makes sense to me so I thought I’d include it ayway.)


  • Mom’s feel a really strong need to kiss their babies hands and faces. This need is actually an instinct that drives you to ingest any germs your baby may have ingested in order for your body to develop antibodies and prevent your baby from getting sick. So kiss away and if your baby is around sick people or touched something you’re concerned about kiss extra.


  • Alternatively if you do get sick while nursing your baby won’t get sick as long as you wash your hands often and refrain from kissing him.


  • At around two months the baby will slow down and then stop pooping when he or she is sleeping and things will get much easier because you will no longer need to do night time changes.


  • You don’t have to hold your baby every minute of the day. If you are really loving cuddling baby then by all means hold him or her as long as you want but if you need a break it is actually good for a baby to be put down. This will help him or her exercise by wiggling and help him or her learn to be independent and entertain himself or herself. At first I felt guilty whenever I put my daughter down but now I can see that she actually loves her independence.


  • Buy a vibrating bouncy chair. These things are awesome. My daughter loved her’s so much it gave me a few extra minutes in the beginning. It was nice to be able to put her down and know that she was happy.


  • Most mothers will experience vividly imagining horrible things happening to their babies in the beginning. Things like SIDS, dropping the baby, cutting the baby when trimming their nails, hitting the baby’s head accidentally when they’re walking and those sorts of things. If this happens to you it is totally normal. It is not a sign of post partum depression.


  • I was worried about post partum depression for myself and I turned out to be happier than ever thanks to hormone changes and a beautiful new baby. So you never know. Don’t worry about it. Many woman are afraid of getting it and very few actually do. Alternatively if you have no interest in your baby and don’t really feel like caring for, feeding or changing baby than you probably do have post partum depression and should seek attention.


  • Back arching in babies is an indication of tiredness. Try to put your baby down for a nap as soon as possible when you notice this.


  • Don’t use baby powder. People use to use it back in the day to dry out baby’s bums but it is no longer considered proper practice. It may cause baby to have breathing difficulties. Corn starch is a better alternative because it doesn’t turn to dust as easily. However it really is just better to blow dry baby’s bum if you are worried about diaper rash. Inevitably someone will give you some for a gift. It really is best to just use it for yourself or find another use for it. (I heard it kills ants)


  • During bath time wash the bum last for obvious reasons and hair second last so baby doesn’t get cold.


  • You don’t need to use your baby monitor unless you leave the house or are very far away from your baby. I used to sleep with mine on but it made it hard to sleep because of the static. Don’t worry.You will hear your baby and don’t need any extra help. I can hear my daughter cry even if I’m in the basement.


  • If my baby is in pain I give her pain killers. Tylenol or Advil depending on the type of pain or both if she is teething really badly. I use pain killers when I’m in pain and I feel that it is cruel to not allow my baby the same pain relief. This can be kind of a hot topic so just do what you think is right. I believe that babies deserve full access to all of the medical aides that adults have access to. Having said this I do try absolutely everything else to stop my baby from being unhappy first. I also watch her very closely after she has received her pain killers. If they do not appear to have helped then I don’t give her any more that day.


  • I give my daughter the single drops of vitamin D. I have found that the best way to do this is to put a drop on my finger and then put my finger right in her mouth. Wash your hands first of course. This was the best way I found to make sure that the drop actually made it into her mouth. I also find it helpful to leave the drops beside where I feed my daughter so that I remember to give them to her.


  • Always remember to put some breast pads in your diaper bag to save you the embarrasment of leaking in public if you forget to put them in your bra.


  • Always wipe your baby’s hands after each diaper change to make sure that your baby didn’t get any poop on his or her hands and then put his or her hands right into his or her mouth. Another trick for avoiding this is to have a really fun toy for your baby at the change area of him or her to play with.

Diaper Rash

13 Jul
Diaper rash Not all babies get diaper rash when they are little but if yours does these are the best ways I have found to deal with it. Blow dry baby’s bum after every diaper change. Drying the skin is the...
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Things That I Have Learned About Crying Babies

8 Jul

These are all things that I have learned that I wished I knew right away. All babies are different and you are going to get lots of advice. It won’t hurt my feelings if you feel that these things aren’t right for you. These are just the things that were right for me. Above all else trust yourself. Your baby is your baby and so you are the only one who will know exactly what he or she needs.


I learned lots about crying in the beginning. My daughter cried frequently because she had such a sore tummy. She cried more than average. I have had some friends whose babies hardly cried at all. It is entirely possible that your baby will rarely cry but if your baby does I want to tell you about what I have learned from my daughter crying. As a general rule most of the time when my daughter cried it was because of gas. Regardless of the reason the only way to ease the crying is to figure out the source and try to alleviate it.


  • Gripe water is safe to give to newborns my daughter got the maximum dose every day for two months. That was when I switched to Oval. Oval is the brand name. The active ingredient that you are looking for is SIMETHICONE. SIMETHICONE is not absorbed by the body; it goes straight through the digestive tract and is very effective. Anyone I know who had a colic baby used Oval. I don’t know how young a baby can be and take Oval but I’m sure they can be quite young; that is a good question for a doctor. My daughter started at around 8 weeks. Don’t give both on the same day. Use one or the other. Oval is far superior to gripe water.


  • Try to find a dropper that has a bulb on the top rather than the syringe kind. The bulb kind is best for giving gripe water because if you put it in your baby’s mouth he or she will suck the gripe water right out without you having to squeeze it. * My daughter always had about 5 seconds after taking the gripe water where it sounded like she was having a hard time breathing. I asked my doctor about this and he said that because she was so small when she was born that her throat was extra small too so it took a little extra for her to swallow some things. If you notice this it is really scary but apparently nothing to worry about. Regardless this is another reason that I prefer Oval because it never caused her to choke.


  • Babies are very vulnerable and because of this anything new scares them. When I started giving my daughter naps instead of letting her sleep while I was holding her she was fussy for three days because the change freaked her out. This also happened when I changed her days and nights around. She even cried the first time I put cream on her face because it was new.


  • You will be able to tell the difference between a serious “something’s wrong” cry and just regular crying. So if baby spends a whole day crying that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take him or her to the doctor. The baby might just be really upset because something has changed. You will be able to tell by the type of cry if he needs medical attention. Sometimes babies cry all day because they are tired or teething. Babies can also cry for about three days any time anything in their schedule changes.


  • If a baby is crying for long time and you have fed, changed, burped, tried all the usual things and nothing is working it is a good idea to undress the baby completely and look for red marks on the skin that could indicate that a tag or something inside their clothing is scratching them and to check toes to make sure no string or hair is wrapped around them. The only way they can tell you something is wrong is to cry and sometimes it might not be what you expect.


  • The good thing about crying is that the baby will have an awesome sleep after a crying fit because it is really good exercise for them.


  • If your baby has a particularly fussy day I have heard that it can really help to listen to your iPod while holding your baby. Often if your stress goes down then so will his or her’s. This has never worked for me because if I can’t hear her I actually feel more stressful. But it is certainly worth a try.


  • Try not to become complacent if your baby cries more than average. Babies don’t cry for no reason. Sometimes parents just have a hard time figuring out why they are crying. Regardless, when baby is crying this is a good time to develop trust that you will always be there when he or she needs you.


  • It is important to note also that babies don’t cry because they are upset with their parents. They cry to tell you that they are upset. I remember once my daughter looked sad so I started singing to her and then she really started crying. I thought to myself I better stop singing because it made it worse. It is more likely that she was just trying to tell me that she was feeling sad/ sick/ lonely/ frustrated etc. It had nothing to do with the singing. She was just crying because I was there to listen to her communicate with me. Don’t take it personal.


  • Sometimes a baby will cry for so long that new needs come up and even though she or he was not hungry when he or she started crying baby may be hungry now. So just go through the list (hungry, sleepy, bored, lonely, gassy, in pain, too hot, too cold, irritated by clothing and over stimulated) over and over again until they stop crying.


  • If a baby seems to have colic it can help to hold them straight up and down rather than laying in a reclined position. When they are upright this helps prevent gas from getting trapped.

I learned all of these things through experience. All babies are unique. Some of these suggestions may not work for you. Some of these suggestions could be life savers. I hope that this has provided a little help and encouragement in what can be a difficult time. If you have any tricks that have worked well for you that I have not listed here please by all means share them below. I have lots to learn too.

Things I Have Learned About Babies Sleeping

8 Jul

I didn’t realise how different sleep for a baby was until I had one. There was a point where I couldn’t get to sleep because I didn’t feel safe, there had been a burglary down the road and I was worried we were going to be next. So, I told my partner this and we installed a home security camera alarm system so I felt safe again and could sleep better. Easy as that. Now with a baby, they can’t tell you what’s wrong with them so you can’t do what they want you to. This makes it really hard to help them so these are all things that I have learned that I wished I knew right away. All babies are different and you are going to get lots of advice. It won’t hurt my feelings if you feel that these things aren’t right for you. These are just the things that were right for me. Above all else trust yourself. Your baby is your baby and so you are the only one who will know exactly what he or she needs.


There is nothing more beautiful and peaceful than a sleeping baby. I can easily add to that that there is nothing more stressful that living with a baby who is having a hard time sleeping. When my daughter first came home her days and nights were turned around. She only slept for short periods during the day. I had a really hard time sleeping during the day because I was so excited to have some time to myself. I didn’t want to sleep. I wanted to clean my house and get things done. It drove me crazy that I couldn’t keep up with my day-to-day life so I chose not to sleep. Big mistake! My daughter would cluster feed all night long starting at 11:00 and would finally fall asleep at around 7:00 am. This was horrible. I felt like I was going to die from not sleeping. I have never experienced anything so intense in all my life. That all by itself was all my husband and I needed to know that our decision to have only one child was the correct one. I know it’s cliché and everyone will say this to you but sleep when your baby sleeps. It doesn’t matter that the dishes aren’t done. A clean organized house is not worth dying over get your self something like a robot vacuum / Bissel, at least a small part of your house may be clean. As the months go by both you and your baby will learn new skills and you will adjust to this new life and learn how to do everything again. Human beings are designed to sleep at night so don’t worry eventually all babies turn around. Here are a few tips to help make it quicker. I think that it is important to note here that this doesn’t happen to everyone. So with any luck it won’t be your experience.

  • Keep the lights off at night-time! I know that it’s hard to see what you are doing at first but this is the most important thing. My husband and I actually used a head flash light that straps to a person’s forehead to check on the baby at night to avoid turning on overhead lights.
  • Feed baby extra during the day so that he won’t be hungry at night. There is a school of thought that if you feed your baby no more than every three hours at night that they will switch too. However there was no way I was going to deny my baby food when she was hungry so I just started feeding her every two hours during the day and that worked perfectly for us.
  • Try not to let the baby sleep while he’s eating (or use you as a soother) because what happens is that the baby then can’t sleep without eating. I was spending 10 or more hours per day with my baby breast-feeding and barely had time for anything else. If you don’t let baby sleep while eating make sure to give baby a chance to nap often. Babies need lots of sleep. Sleeping is a skill that babies need you to help them learn. An important thing to note here is that if your baby is using you as a soother and you let baby do this they will be pretty happy and content most of the time. If you then decide to stop your baby will be pretty upset because you have made a dramatic change in his or her life. My daughter cried all day long for three days when I made this change in her life. Looking back on it now I wonder if it was worth upsetting her so much. By the time she was a little more than four months old she probably would have stopped on her own. A good thing that came from this change however is that she learned how to nap in her crib without me holding her during the day. This gave me free time and really helped me feel like me again. So maybe it was worth it. Sometimes you will be left wondering if you made the right choice. Just try to trust your own instincts.
  • Babies can eat while they are sleeping so if you want baby to sleep a little longer or if your breasts get really uncomfortable while baby is sleeping you can give baby a “dream feed”. Just pick baby up and feed him while he is asleep. You only really need to do this when he or she starts sleeping for more than 8 hours at a time.
  • Use a really loud fan as a white noise machine while baby is sleeping. This will make it so baby can’t hear loud sudden noises outside his or her room and as a result will sleep longer. I use a fan and an actual white noise machine at the same time. my white noise machine also has a projector on it. The projector really helps my daughter sleep. She loves watching the pictures roll by. I don’t think it’s great for a baby to sleep with light on but if she is having a hard time falling asleep I leave it on for her.
  • I use a Swaddle pod or a Woombie.These things will help your baby sleep. At first baby has no control over his or her arms. So babies wake themselves up by flailing and scratching themselves. These zip up swaddlers will keep their arms away from their faces and help babies fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. It’s good to have a few in case the baby drools or pees all over it in his or her sleep. You can always zip it up with one are out too if your baby is a finger sucker. I was slightly concerned at one time that I would have to stop using them when my daughter could roll over but the provide enough room for a baby to stretch out his or her arms inside of them in order to roll back over. Of course use your own discretion if you are concerned about your baby’s safety.
  • It is important to always be sure to put baby down in a different spot facing a different direction every time you put baby down for a sleep. This will prevent baby’s soft skull from developing a flat spot.
  • In the beginning I rocked and sang my daughter to sleep or fed her to sleep. By the time she was about 4 months old it just didn’t work anymore. I’d get to a point where I was rocking her for nearly two hours and she just wouldn’t sleep. She also stopped falling asleep while eating because the world around her was far too interesting (even in the dark). I discovered by eventually needing to take bathroom breaks from rocking her that she just wanted me to put her down and let her fall asleep on her own. Without fail every time I came back from the bathroom she was fast asleep. It is important to remember that crying is the only way your baby has to communicate with you. Sometimes your baby may be trying to tell you that they don’t want to be held anymore. Babies are human beings too and you are not a bad parent if you give them some alone time. I would go crazy if I had to sit on someone’s lap all day long. Even if I really loved them.
  • When I put her down to sleep without rocking she usually does cry a little before she falls asleep. It’s more of a whiny cry than a desperate cry. I would never let her frantically cry without comforting her. By the time your baby is 4 or 5 months if not much sooner you will be able to tell one cry from another. When she cries herself to sleep it is really more like a cry where she is letting out the stress of the day. If I go in there and pick her up it can sometimes make her cry harder. I can usually tell when she’s crying because she’s upset that she’s alone.

I learned all of these things through experience. All babies are unique. Some of these suggestions may not work for you. Some of these suggestions could be life savers. I hope that this has provided a little help and encouragement in what can be a difficult time. If you have any tricks that have worked well for you that I have not listed here please by all means share them below. I have lots to learn too.