White Chocolate Butter Cream!

4 Oct

I love white chocolate! It borders on almost too sweet and is the perfect pair for almost any cupcake. I think this would go best on a bitter sweet chocolate cupcake! Maybe that will be my next recipe!!

1 lb butter
1 kg icing sugar
2 tbsp vanilla extract
4-6 oz white chocolate (chopped)

In a double boiler or in you chocolate melter melt down the white chocolate and set aside to cool while whipping up the rest of the frosting. Once the chocolate is cool enough that it won’t melt the butter add it slowly to your frosting until you achieve the desired consistency and taste.

For those of you who don’t have kilograms where you live I have found a one to two ratio of butter and sugar works the best. or you can simply mix one standard size package of butter to one standard size package of icing sugar. If it becomes a little thick add a splash of cream until you achieve your desired consistency. As with everything else I recommend playing with it a little and making it your own! Have fun with it!

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