Working with Avocado

9 Oct

Avocados are one of the most amazing foods in the world in my opinion. They are delicious and so good for you. People are always excited to see avocado on the table. Here are a few of the things that I’ve learned about avocados.

How to pick ’em and ripen ’em

They do not ripen until they are picked so if you want the freshest ones pick the ones that a rock hard. They should be bruise and blemish free. You should not be able to hear the pit moving around when you shake it.

You can ripen them up at home by placing them in a paper bag. To speed the process even further you can add a banana to the bag.

How to store ’em

Hard avocados don’t belong in the fridge but the life of soft ones can be extended by a couple of days if you put them in the fridge.

Avocados can be frozen but I myself have never tried. From what I have read some people say the best way to freeze them is to just throw the whole thing in there and when you are ready to use it just thaw it out and treat it like you always would. Other people say that way is terrible and they swear by pureed avocado freezing the best. Either way I would say avoid freezing them unless you have no choice.

Avocado turns black as the air hits it. There are two ways to avoid this: 1. Spoon any left over avocado onto a sheet of wax paper and roll it up like a tube of cookie dough.Twist the ends and fold them underneath. This will prevent air from touching it and stop it from turning black ( I got this idea from Elton Brown on his show Good Eats). 2. Spoon the avocado into a tall skinny jar or glass and refrigerate it covered with plastic wrap. This way only a very small part of it will be exposed to the air. Simply spoon that part off when you are ready to serve it again.

How to prepare ’em

The best way to take the pit out is to cut all around the avocado and twist it so that you have two halves. Put the half with the pit on the counter and with your veggie knife (a big knife) give the pit a whack. The knife should sink into the pit and get stuck so all you have to do is pull up on the knife (Alton Brown also). When wielding large knifes around in a chopping fashion it is always a good habit to get into to put your free hand behind your back to prevent any chopping accidents.

To get the pit off the knife simply tap the pit against the side of your sink until it falls of. Don’t try to pry it off with your hand. Avocado pits are slippery and knives are sharp. It’s not a good combo.

I’ve heard that if you cut open an avocado an it’s not quite ripe yet you can simply spread a little lemon juice on it, close it back up, wrap it with plastic wrap and let it ripen as usual. I have lost a few avocados in my life to wishful thinking and I’m going to try this next time.

Fun Facts

Every Hass avocado every grown has come from a plant spliced off of the same orignal mother plant!

2 thoughts on “Working with Avocado

  1. Do you peel the outside of the avacado? What part do you use, the inside after you take the pit out? Its a confusing little thing!!!

    • Hi Tony, I think that the best first way to try an avocado is to cut it in half, scoop out the pit and discard the pit. Next scoop the green inside out into a bowl. From that point you can mash the green flesh or just eat it as is. I like to add a little salt and pepper. Most people I know prefer just salt. You can mash it and put it on toast which is delicious! Don’t bother peeling it. Just cut it in half to get to the inside. It is also important to make sure that the avocado is ripe. It has to be on the soft side not too mushy but definitely not hard. Avocados do seem a little strange at first but they are so good they might just become a regular part of you diet! Good luck!

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