10 Fun Things You Can Do With Bacon!

7 Oct

Bacon has become all the rage! Everyone loves it; and I have to say I have definitely jumped on the bacon band wagon. It seems like every time I turn around there is some new way to enjoy bacon. These are 10 ways of doing bacon that knocked my socks off hopefully you will feel the same!

  1. Bacon basket weave! Weave strips of bacon that have been cut in half with scissors so that you have a woven bacon slab that is perfect for a sandwich. This way there will be bacon in every bite! Bake in the oven on a cookie sheet that has been lined with parchment paper.
  2. A bacon bowl! Wrap bacon around the cupcake part of a cupcake pan that has been flipped upside down. Screw bacon bits! I want a whole bowl for my caesar salad…ooooh…or my mashed potatoes….or my mac and cheese…or my cereal!! (too far?). Don’t forget to put a cookie sheet under that pan to catch all of the grease.
  3. Pre cooked bacon! I know it doesn’t sound too exciting but imagine being able to just open your fridge and have bacon whenever your heart desires on whatever you want.
  4. Bacon sundae! Seriously just once over cook your bacon to the point of crumbling and sprinkle it over your ice cream and add some maple syrup. It may change the way you see the world!
  5. Wrap things in it! Dates! Apricots! Water chestnuts! Potatoes! Figs! Bake them in the oven and dip them in Plum sauce, ranch dressing or sour cream.
  6. Make taco shells out of it!!
  7. Add bacon chunks to trail mix! It’s delicious!
  8. Make bacon brittle. Make it just the way you would make peanut brittle and substitute the peanuts for bacon!
  9. Bacon caramel popcorn!
  10. Wrap a bacon weave around a meat loaf or a roast and you will have bacon infused goodness!

You’re welcome!



12 thoughts on “10 Fun Things You Can Do With Bacon!

  1. My daughter taught me her favorite way, fry the bacon then dip in egg then flour and fry again…chicken fried bacon 🙂 It was awesome.

    • That does sound awesome! I’m going to have to try it! Thanks for sharing! That may just end up on my next bacon post!

  2. Don’t forget chocolate dipped bacon, or oatmeal bacon cookies! put bacon pieces in instead of raisins and they make an awesome fix for breakfeast on the go : ) and an excuse to eat cookies in the morning!

    • Wow! I have never heard of either of those before! I am going to try those oatmeal bacon cookies the next time I get bacon! Thanks for reading and thanks for the great ideas!

  3. My grandpa would make bacon and bean soup it was only a memory though i dont know what he used. The other day at work I made potatoe, ribeye and bacon soup, drained it and made tacos out of it, that was good. I like experimenting with bacon too. nice post 🙂

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