Cooking Blooper #2 Alien Okra

8 Oct

My dad always likes to try new foods. He will eat anything. This sense of adventure has led us into some pretty off-putting flavour adventures but out of all of them the night we ate okra was the most bizarre. I knew nothing about okra at the time except that it was an ingredient that went into gumbo and that people who liked it loved it. We bought a bag of frozen okra; they kind of reminded me of green peppers. We cooked them the way we cook all veggies with a quick boil and then threw them in a dish with some butter. This, I assume, must be the exact wrong way to cook them because the most disgusting thing happened: they started to produce slime.

A person couldn’t even put a scoop of them on to their plate with out slimy tendrils hanging from the serving bowl to the plate. The look of the slime made me sick to my stomach. It was disgusting! We laughed it off and threw the okra in the garbage. No one wanted to clean the okra bowl because it was so gross so I just filled up the sink and let it soak over night. Again this was the absolute wrong thing to do.

When I went to clean the bowl in the morning I reached my hands into the water and pulled it out only to discover that the water had turned into slime too! I held that bowl out of the sink as high as my arms could reach before the gruesome slime tendrils finally broke and went back into the sink. I almost threw up again. That okra bowl had turned the water into, no word of a lie, alien drool like the kind you see in horror movies.

Needless to say I have never again eaten okra. The mere mention of it kind of makes my stomach turn. Yuck! Seriously!…Yuck!

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