How to Care for a Frying Pan

9 Oct

A little while ago I learned that if you condition a frying pan correctly any frying pan will become non stick not just the ones that have teflon of them. This is important to me because I also recently learned that if a teflon frying pan is heated above 500°F it will release a gas that will kill babies and small animals. Since my house is filled with a baby and small animals and it is not unlikely that one of my pans will become 500° I decided to not take any chances.

That said I still want to eat a fried egg from time to time without the yolk breaking before I mean it to. This is actually my biggest pet peeve in the world of cooking. When a yolk breaks on me I feel like throwing the pan against the wall and spiraling into an f-bomb laden tirade that would make any celebrity chef blush. That’s not very lady like of me so I figure it’s best just to not get myself into that situation in the first place.

So here’s what I have learned. When you first get your new pans you can condition them by heating them up pretty hot and rubbing oil into them with a paper towel. Some people even go so far as to bake them in the oven for a while. I have never done that.

Next never allow dish soap to touch them simply wash them with really hot water and a scouring pad or a brush. The soap will break away the oil that you worked so hard to get in there.

If you must wash them with soap or forget and accidentally throw them into soapy water simply condition them with heat and oil again.

This simple process will prevent food from sticking and will make them a breeze to clean as well. Since I have started doing this a pan with cooked on food bits that normally would have made me cringe now washes clean in a matter of moments! It’s amazing.

This is what people did before teflon. With just a few simple extra steps maybe we can stop some of our dependence on horrible chemicals. Seriously people, if you can, spend a day with your grandmother and ask her how she got things done back in the day. You may be surprised to learn that what we are doing now is not necessarrily always better or more convienient than what they did back then. Don’t get me wrong; I’m pretty thrilled about washing machines, the internet and colored TV but newer isn’t always better.

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    • Another great tip when cooking an egg without teflon is to remember to cook it no higher than medium heat. Thanks for reading!

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