Cooking Blooper #3 The Time The Stove Caught On Fire

10 Oct

Most of my bloopers happened at my parents’ house when I was a teenager. So I can say ‘hey, I was new to the whole cooking thing’. Sadly this doesn’t fall into that catergory but strangley I was still at their house.

My parents’ stove (all stoves) have an open space underneath all of the burners that sits above the oven. There is also a heat vent from the oven that vents heat up through on of the back burners (again, all stoves have this). The heat vent on my parents’ stove seems for some reason to pour grease from whatever they are cooking in the oven into the open part below all of the burners.

We discovered this one day when I went to cook something, eggs I think ?, and the stove caught on fire uderneath all of the burners. I was alone. My mom was having a bath. Flames were shooting up from underneath all of the burners. Normally in times of emergency I am as cool as a cucumber. This time however, I think because I couldn’t actually see what was on fire, I totally panicked.

My response to this fire was to go get my mom so I ran down the hall but when I got there I remembered that she was in the bath so I ran back to the kitchen. When I saw the fire again I thought ‘no, I should really go get my mom’ so I ran back down the hallway. Like a Three Stooges episode I did this several times until I realized that the stove was on fire and all I was doing about it was running up and down the hallway. Finally my brain kicked in and I put lids over all of the burners and the fire went out.

I learned something about myself that day…Maybe I did spend to much time playing the Sims as a teenager.

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