A Simple Effective Calming Meditation

10 Oct

This exercise works really well for me when ever I get into high stress situations that cause me to worry. I relied on it almost entirely to get me through all of my pregnancy doctor’s appointments. I was terrified of having another miscarriage and so without fail every single trip to the Dr landed me in a near fight or flight panic attack. I started looking up calming exercises because I didn’t want to infuse my daughter with fear. The best one that I found was this one. 

  1. Look      around the room and describe to your self five things that you can see.
  2. Look      around the room and pick out four colors that you can see.
  3. Close your eyes and describe to yourself three things that you can hear.
  4. Keep your eyes closed and describe to your self two things that you can feel      with your body
  5. With your eyes still close find one thing that you can smell.

Every time I practiced this it brought me out of my mind and back into my body. Your body is your biggest ally in the fight against anxiety because your body is always in the here and now. It can’t reside in the past of future. You body will always calm anxiety if you can just learn to form the habit of going back to it during times of stress. I have always found my sense of smell to be the strongest sense to calm me for some reason so during times of stress I rely pretty heavily on that one to calm me down.

2 thoughts on “A Simple Effective Calming Meditation

  1. Thanks Lisa, since having baby’s my anxiety seems to have worsened, must be hormonal Im definitely going to try this especially road test day!

    • I hope it helps! I plan to have a few more relaxation blogs up soon. XOXOXOX Ps…Good luck with the road test! You can do it!

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