Awesome Sauce! “Home Made” BBQ Sauce

16 Oct

So I make this amazing sauce and when ever I serve it to dinner guests they always want to know the recipe but I never share because it is my most secret of all my recipes. The secret, I’m never inclined to share with guests, is that I just used their visit to clean out my fridge.

At my house, my fridge is always over flowing with condiment bottles. I always want to try new kinds of BBQ sauce, salsa, mustard, hot sauce, vinegar, etc. So I buy them and they kind of build up in there. That’s on top of the usual’s that I just can’t live with out like Worcestershire sauce, Frank’s, horseradish, ketchup, soy sauce, HP and so on.

So when ever I notice that most of the bottles are nearly empty I mix them all together add a little sugar and simmer the whole mix on the stove. This clears out space for my new condiment adventures and it’s delicious!

This sauce is great with pulled pork, meatballs and meatloaf! The great thing about it is that since you are the one making it you can adjust it however you like. there are three ingredients that it really needs in order to work and those are:

  • Ketchup
  • Vinegar
  • Sugar

After that point you can add what ever you like: Condiments, orange juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, pineapple, peppers, orange slices, onion, garlic, ginger, pickle juice, maraschino cherry juice, molasses, brown sugar, whiskey, anything that you thing would add to it or make it go with a theme meal. I would avoid anything creamy but really all else goes!

This is a great way to start playing with flavor combinations and creating your own style. and because most of them are already sauces, you are pretty much guaranteed to come up with some thing that tastes great! This is a no fail sauce! I hope you try it and I bet if you do, you won’t tell your guests what it’s made out of either!

5 thoughts on “Awesome Sauce! “Home Made” BBQ Sauce

    • There are no real specific measurements just just what you have and mix it together. If you want a sweeter sauce add a little more sugar, Tangy: more vinegar, Milder: more ketchup. I really do just use this sauce to clean out the fridge.

  1. I use something similiar, i use ketchup (and sometimes i will put in a little bar B Que sause like if i want, and then Italian dressing (i like the zesty) and then brown sugar (you can use granulated if you want, much easier) the measurements ??? to taste all of it, i just throw it all together, put the ketchup and dressing together first until you have the taste and consistency, then add a little brown sugar to taste and then adjust it to be thicker (more ketchup or BB Q sause) or tangier, – more Italian dressing, – this is great on hamburgs, steaks, pork, we use it for everything !!!

  2. You can try anything you like. I like the vinegar because it’s sour but you could try fruit juice or any thing else that you like.

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