How to Make a Glass Bead Sun

16 Oct

My parents use a piece of plywood to separate their living room from the rest of the house to keep the dogs out. It was meant to be a temporary thing until they got something nicer. Then time just went by and it kind of just turned into a permanent thing so this year for my mom’s birthday I decided to decorate it for her. She loves suns. So I decided to do a bedazzled sun for her out of some rocks and the glass beads left over from my wedding. I thought that I was pretty clever using those beads up.

All I did was take the biggest bowl in the house and use it to draw a perfect circle on the wood. Then I copied one of her favorite sun pictures and used the same rays and squiggles. Using a glue gun I started with the smaller rocks for the sun’s eyes and face. I worked my way up from the smallest rocks to the largest. I did the glass beads last. the glass beads don’t always fit in perfectly but just do the best you can and if you have to put them in on a slight slant it won’t effect the look of the finished product.

I used to have the hardest time buying glue that matched my glue gun. So I would end up having to push it through with another stick of glue. During this project I learned that if you take your glue gun with you to the store, all of the bags of glue have a hole at the top for hanging on the display that is the exact size of the glue sticks. You can slide a stick out and try it in your gun before you buy it. That way you will know for sure that it will fit. If it won’t fit just slide it back in and the bag will still be perfect for the next customer.

Another thing that I discovered during this project is that the decorative rocks at the craft store are really nice but they are expensive. You can get much cheaper rocks from the fish section of a pet store in a huge variety of colors. The only real difference is the sheen. If it is important to you that they are shiny you can always spray paint them with high gloss spray paint.

This project was fun and easy and it had a really nice finished product that I was happy with.

My mom loves her new room divider!

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