9 Great Uses for Ziploc Bags!

17 Oct

I love Ziploc bags I find my self using them for everything! Here is my list of my favorite uses:

  1. Pouring cupcakes without all the mess. I love making cupcakes as you can probably tell. But, I always hated filling the liners. It was such a drippy mess job. When I use a Ziploc its quick and much easier to fill them evenly.
  2. Organizing a baby bag! One bag for diapers, one for bottles, one bag for each outfit, using Ziploc really helps to organize baby things especially if you are traveling. Baby things are very small and if left unorganized they get tangled together and it takes for ever to find what your looking for.
  3. Freezing soup! A Ziploc is the perfect thing to freeze liquid in. This way when it’s frozen it takes much less room in the freezer and is much easier to keep organized.
  4. Use a Ziploc with paper towel in it to keep chopped lettuce fresh longer in the fridge. The paper towel will pull moisture away from the lettuce. This works really well!
  5. Use a Ziploc to store coffee beans, rice, etc. Ziploc bags will keep things that don’t have easily resealable packages fresh longer and prevent accidental messes.
  6. Electronics, I used to try to keep all of my electronic things in the boxes they came in but each time we moved I seemed to lose one more box and now I have no idea when many of those things are. Then I read on a blog about organization. She said to put all cords, manuals, discs, etc. into Ziploc bags and store them all in one box. This works like a charm and I am much more organized now because of it!
  7. Make your own baby wipes! My daughter had very sensitive skin when she was first born so I could not use anything to wipe her except cotton balls and water. I would just fill a Ziploc with cotton balls and add water. This was a quick and easy wiping solution when I was out. As an environmentally friendly option a person could just fill a Ziploc with baby wash cloths and water and then keep an additional Ziploc for laundry. I read on one blog that suggested that a person could also add a little baby oil to the water.
  8. Storing ice cubes! Ziploc bags are a space saving way to store ice in the freezer and prevent potential messes.
  9. I use a Ziploc bag for poopy diapers! I have a very sensitive sense of smell and even the diaper genie smelled too much for me. There is nothing more yucky than walking into your home and having it smell like poop! One Ziploc for the poopy diapers is all that it takes. I don’t like putting all of that plastic into the garbage but I have decided to be extra kind to the environment in other ways to make up for it. I figure it uses almost the same amount of plastic as the diaper genie anyway.

I think that it is important to note here that any grocery store that has one of the “recycle your bags” bins will also recycle Ziploc bags now. If I’m using the bag for packing I will use the same bag over and over. Try your very hardest to throw as few of them away as possible.

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