How to Beat Chocolate Cravings Once and For All!

17 Oct

The body craves chocolate when it is lacking magnesium! Chocolate is actually one of the greatest food sources of magnesium. So eating chocolate will restore your body’s magnesium levels! Another sure fire sign of lack of magnesium is muscle cramping; most especially leg cramps. So, ladies, can you think of a time when you have lots of muscle cramps and might fight to the death for chocolate? Or is that just me? A simple solution to all of this is to take a magnesium citrate powder supplement. It is very important to supplement with just magnesium and not a calcium magnesium combo because the body will use the magnesium to absorb the calcium and leave you without the magnesium.

Another sign of lack of magnesium is constipation. If you are struggling with constipation magnesium can get things moving along again. Unlike bowel stimulants magnesium will neither cause cramping or a desperate need to rush to the bathroom. It will just restore your bowel to how it should be.Additionally if you are taking bowel stimulants you can take magnesium to stop any cramping they might cause. Magnesium citrate is the best for constipation relief.

Aside from supplements another great way to get magnesium into your body and stop muscle cramping is to have an Epsom salt bath! This is very relaxing and refreshing. Simply add 1-3 cups of Epsom salts to a hot bath and soak for about a half an hour. the magnesium will go into your muscles through the skin.

One thing I have to warn you about though, if you start taking a magnesium supplement daily you may never again crave chocolate.I have to say that I really don’t any more, and, if I do I just take some magnesium.

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