How to Beat Sugar Cravings Once and For All

17 Oct

For a long time I have used magnesium to beat my chocolate cravings. It occurred to me a little while ago that the body doesn’t crave anything without a reason. So I thought to myself what it nature is naturally sweet? Fruit, was the answer that I came up with that made the most sense to me. Then I asked myself what does fruit have in it that the body would need? Vitamins, fiber and water were the answers that I came up with. Vitamin C was the most likely vitamin that I could think of. So I started taking a Vitamin C with a big glass of water when ever I craved sugar and wouldn’t you know it the cravings became less and less. Another way to satisfy the carving for something sweet would be to actually eat fruit and get the entire benefit of fruit including the water and fiber content.

I really do think that binge eating or over eating can sometimes be cause not only by emotional reasons but also by the body genuinely needing nutrients from food. Often I crave more food, when I am not hungry, if I’m eating food with little nutritional value. The body gets hungry because it needs nutrients and it will stay hungry until those nutritional needs are met. To counter act this I started eating more real foods more often and taking a multivitamin after a meal if I am feeling full but not satisfied and it has really made a big difference.

We lose weight from eating vegetables, fruit, meat, and legumes not only because they are low in calories but also because they have things in them that the body can use. I think that we should try to get out of our heads regarding food and food consumption. It is not always an emotional problem. I think that knowing why we need to eat will help us choose what to eat. If I am craving sugar all day long and nothing I’m eating is satisfying me it is probably more likely that I am needing nutrition. Rather than, that I have deep seated emotional issues and I am “eating my feelings”. A body is not an emotional thing, it is a physical thing. I know when I am eating because of my feelings and I can stop myself from doing that. But sometimes I’m over eating and I don’t know why. It is at that Time that I suggest and have found that it is because I am not eating enough of what my body needs. Often simply taking a multivitamin is all that it takes to stop that kind of eating. Think about it, you will know whether or not this applies to you.

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