Amazing Cheater Burgers and Meatballs

20 Oct

I hate making meatballs and burgers but I love eating them. So one day when I was watching Rachael Ray and she did the most amazing thing. She squished the meat out of the sausage casing and rolled that meat into tiny meatballs. This was amazing to me. It opened up a world of possibilities. This way a person could avoid the squishing of the raw meat which is my least favorite part because it is so cold on the hands. Additionally to top it all off a person could easily fry up the burgers or meatballs in a pan because sausage meat holds together so much better that just ground beef. Thirdly if a person wanted chicken, turkey or pork burgers it is as simple as picking that kind of sausage out. Those three meats are notoriously difficult to season (at least for me) and the taste can fall flat when I make them from scratch. Another amazing point here is that if you feel like having a burger but you only have one or two people to feed it’s as simply as just taking out one or two sausages. This turns a labour intensive task into a very simple one. This year when Thanksgiving was canceled my husband and I had turkey burgers and they were awesome! I recommend everyone trying this at least once.

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