Thanksgiving Turkey Burgers

20 Oct

This year Thanksgiving was canceled last-minute and my husband and I were left on our own for thanksgiving dinner. The only thing I had at home Thanksgiving related was my cranberry sauce so I created a meal with that as a starting point. We had some turkey sausages, some bacon and ciabatta buns so the idea for turkey burgers came to life. These turkey burgers turned out amazing!

I took some turkey sausages and squeezed them out of their casings and formed them into patties. I then fried them on the stove. While they were frying I also fried up some maple flavoured bacon to go on top of them. I topped them with lettuce and tomato and most importantly cranberry sauce using my basic cranberry sauce recipe. Costco sells these amazingly delicious mini ciabatta buns that I have found are perfect for small burgers and sandwiches. There are a few flavour combinations that I just love and one of them is cranberry sauce and mayo so if you do decide to make these don’t skip the mayo on these ones! This may not have been a traditional thanksgiving dinner but it was very tasty in its own right. We will definitely be having these burgers again!

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