Margarita Cupcakes!!

22 Oct

What could  be more beautiful or delicious than margarita cupcakes? I love the bright lime flavour and the kick of the tequila! These cupcakes are best topped with a lime wedge and a sprinkle of coarse sugar with a tiny bit of salt mixed in.


1½ cups cake flour• 1½ tsps baking powder• ½ cup butter• 1 cup sugar• 2 eggs• Zest of ½ a lime• Juice of 1 lime• 2 tbsp tequila• ¼ tsp mexican vanilla• ½ cup milk

Cream the butter, sugar and eggs. Mix the rest of the wet and dry ingredients separately and add half at a time to the mix ending on dry. Once the are mixed pour the mix into a ziploc bag and cut on tip off. Use the ziploc to pipe the mix into cupcake tins. bake at 350° for 18-23 minutes. If you want the cupcakes to be extra boozy you can paint a few splashes to tequila on top of each with a pastry brush just before you frost them.


I think an American butter cream holds up perfectly to these strong flavours and I have to say I prefer it to the Swiss meringue here.

1lb butter (2 cups)• 1kg icing sugar (6 cups)• 2 tbsp lime juice• 2 tbsp tequila• A splash of cream for consistency• A few drops green food coloring

Mix the butter and sugar until fluffy and then add the liquids. Continue to add cream until you get the consistency that you are looking for. I have a tendency to make a little too much frosting. You would probably be just fine with a half batch here. If you do end up with lots left over it freezes just fine.

I hope you enjoy these cupcakes as much as I did!

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