Grilled Cheese and Pickle Kabobs!!

25 Oct

Not too long ago I was having a pintrest night and I saw a bowl of tomato soup topped with Grilled cheese croutons! I thought that this was the single most brilliant thing I had seen in quite some time. I knew that I had to recreate it. The only problem for me is that I don’t like to dip my sandwich in the soup. I like my sandwich to stay crisp. I also cannot eat grilled cheese without pickles. I find that grilled cheese is kind of fatty  and that coats the tongue a little. The vinegar of the pickle cleans the palate between bites. I was looking around for a pretty way to add the pickle and then it hit me! Kabobs! I sliced thick chunks of pickles and put them in between my grilled cheese squares. I love food on a stick! I thought that this was a great way to make a comfort food new again. When my daughter gets old enough this will become a new classic for our family.

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