Pepperoncini Salad!

29 Oct

Pepperoncini peppers are some of the best spicy peppers that there are in my opinion anyway. They are flavorful more than hot. They are one of the few hot peppers that I can just eat all by themselves. They go really well with pizza but as I have discovered they can really make a salad amazing. How amazing you ask? So amazing that a spider fell into the bowl when I was taking the salad pictures and the salad was so tempting that I just scooped the spider out and still ate it. The salad that is, not the spider, haha!

For this salad I started with Romaine lettuce and added black olives, chopped bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, croutons and of course sliced pepperoncini peppers. I like this salad better with vinegar based salad dressings but it still tastes good with cream based ones too. I feel like having one right now. I hope I have inspired you to eat more peperoncinis!

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