MSG made me Fat and Crazy…Seriously.

10 Mar

So it was new years eve and I was thinking to myself about losing weight again, but this time it was different. This time I used my brain instead of all of my insecurities and really thought about it. I realized that there are too many “non foods” out there and that getting back to foods that come from nature is the only way to help my body heal itself. As I sat and pondered to myself about the mysteries of the weight loss world I also started flippingmsg fariy through my Netflix menu and what should appear as a new release? A new documentary called “Hungry for Change”. I sat and watched amazed by the fact that I asked a clear question and I was answered perfectly with in moments.

I learned about juicing, about eating real foods, about a few obvious things that I had never thought about before but mostly I learned about MSG. MSG is pure evil in my opinion and I have tried to pretend that I don’t know about it a few times since but there are a few things that I just can’t shake: 1: MSG causes uncontrollable hunger and hence: weight gain! So much so that when scientists want to study obesity they cause obesity in mice by doing nothing more than feeding them MSG. 2. MSG makes food taste freakishly good so companies can get away with literally feeding people garbage and they can’t taste the difference. 3. MSG causes pain and discomfort in the body and 4. MSG causes erratic emotions and mental health problems in perfectly healthy normal people.

There were a host of other things that MSG does to the body that just kind of fell into the category “not good for you” and blended together in my mind. What I heard was “if you eat this you will gain weight no matter what you do”. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I asked my Dr, my parents, my weight loss coach, my naturopathic Dr, my herbalist, etc: Why is it that no matter what I do I can’t lose weight? The answer was always one form or another of “you are not trying hard enough”. I can’t tell you how much that pissed me off because I knew I was trying hard enough. I blamed it on my thyroid and set out to try harder even though I knew that there was no real point. I knew in my heart that I had tried the hardest that I could and it didn’t matter. I felt doomed to be a victim of overweight.

Every time I dieted I cut out lots of things but I also added things: Soy sauce (MSG), Salad dressing (MSG), Seasoning salts and mixes (MSG), Broth (MSG), Apple Sauce (MSG). I added as many things that I could think of that had lots of flavor and few calories. Almost every time MSG. Almond milk even has MSG in it for crying out loud. My diet staples were heavily ladden with chemicals designed to cause weight gain. I actually ate worse when I was trying to be good simply because I didn’t know any better. Frankly I’m a little disappointed that this is not common knowledge.

So besides the weight problem I also tend to be wound a little tight emotionally speaking. I have been anxious and worried most of the time in my life. I feel really strong guilt. I always have this feeling that no one really likes me and that at any moment I might turn out to be the butt of some joke. I just feel tense, angry and afraid most of the time. I thought that was just how I was designed. I lived my entire life that way just fighting against being on anti depressants.

I cut out MSG and within 5 days! all my anxiety and stress had nearly vanished. I felt calm and rational for the first time in my entire life. My parents and husband noticed a difference in me immediately too. One of my biggest life long struggles has been obsessive repetitive thoughts. I’d get angry about something and I just could not stop myself from thinking about it no matter what I did. The only thing that could make me drop one thought was another. All I have to do is stop MSG for a few days and my mind clears and the anger disappears. I am that sensitive to this stuff. I know now that if I eat MSG even for one day it will take me three days to feel happy and calm again.

I am furious that I have lived my whole life overweight, struggling with depression and anxiety when I didn’t need to. It started for weight loss and I’m sticking with it for sanity. I can’t go back and eat the way I did before knowing what I know now. They are feeding us garbage (literally food that tastes so bad that people wouldn’t eat it with out MSG) that will make us sick and sad and angry. Garbage that will make us fat. Garbage that will make us feel bad about  ourselves because we don’t understand why we can’t stop eating it.

Please check out this link to see the names and sources of MSG and a few of the adverse health issues that it may cause.

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