Young Coconut

19 Mar

Young coconuts are amazing. I discovered them because of another one of my Dad’s crazy shopping trips. He brought one home for us all to try. I love the taste of the juice. It has kind of an earthy sweet flavor. I remember reading about them years ago but never tried one because I was afraid to try to open it. Let’s just say you need a big knife young coco 1and a little determination. Don’t worry there are lots of videos on you tube that run through how to open them. It’s actually kind of fun.

I remembered the book I read saying that they were healthy but I couldn’t remember exactly why or find the book again. So I did a search to refresh my memory and what can I say, the information on the internet about them is fairly limited and seems to actually be made up of a whole bunch of people copying and pasting from the same source. This is what I do know:

The water inside of them is completely sterile and has the exact composition as human blood plasma. This fluid has been used intravenously to save many lives which is kind of cool.

coco2Drinking the juice is supposed to be a great energy booster. It makes sense to me too, that if you are feeling run down and really tired, that drinking something that is the exact composition of your own blood would make you feel rejuvenated. Some internet sources liken it to receiving a blood transfusion. I can’t really imagine how a person would feel after a blood transfusion but I don’t really think they would feel very good at all. So that comparison kind of just seemed weird to me.

This juice is the most hydrating thing that you could ever drink. It has saved lives by preventing dehydration in people suffering from diarrhea. This includes pregnant women and infants. My daughter has had diarrhea a few times and it is kind of scary to see her lose so much fluid so fast. For this reason alone this discovery is amazing to me. My daughter also way prefers the taste of coconut juice to the taste of Pedialite.

The juice is an excellent source of potassium which is one of the very most important things for people to be adding to their diet because it is the counterpart to sodium.

This juice is said to prevent wrinkles and aging by keeping the skin young, it combatscoco3 any sort of IBS or stomach problem, it’s filled with enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, it prevents cancer, it rehydrates the body better than any other electrolyte formula, it helps people lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, it helps the metabolism and the thyroid and it prevents all illness. All around it is pretty amazing stuff.

Additionally the flesh of a young coconut is said to be antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal which of course is excellent for the immune system. This is also safe for babies to eat providing of course that they are old enough for solid foods. I haven’t actually been able to find anything that says if the juice is antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal but I know that flesh is.

The flesh of a young coconut is kind of slimy and gelatinous and I have also recently learned that generally speaking naturally gelatinous foods aid in the detoxification of the body. So all around Young coconuts can definitely be considered a super food by my standards and should be enjoyed as often as possible. Especially during cold and flu season.

When buying them look for firm heavy for their size coconuts with no signs of mold. When you cut it open if the shell seems soft or the juice discolored just discard it and start with another one. I have also found that they don’t have that much of a shelf life when you bring them home. They really are best if used within two or three days. Also be safe when opening them. I have cut my self a few times from rushing. Go slow and if you spill a little juice it is not the end of the world. It is also important to note that the juice loses it’s integrity every minute it is exposed to the air so drink it immediately. Good luck!

* I have recently learned that if the juice is discolored pink this is actually normal and just a sign of the coconut being slightly immature. Or so said the sign at the health food store anyway 😉





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