Diaper Rash

13 Jul

Diaper rash

Not all babies get diaper rash when they are little but if yours does these are the best ways I have found to deal with it.

  • Blow dry baby’s bum after every diaper change. Drying the skin is the only way to get rid of diaper rash. Blow drying is so much more effective than air drying because it is so much faster. Air drying is extremely difficult in the beginning if your baby poops lots. The blow dryer is far more effective.This is the best way to get rid of diaper rash. It was a tip from Dr. Oz. That man knows everything.


  • If your baby gets diaper rash immediately stop using wipes and switch to cotton balls and water or wash cloths and water. You can also cut up a few receiving blankets and use those if you’d like. You can create your own wipes by filling a Ziploc bag with water and cotton balls or wash cloths. Wipes are full of chemicals and can burn sensitive skin. My daughter got some pretty bad chemical burns from wipes. I don’t know that the wipe actually cause diaper rash but I do know that they can really exacerbate things. I have a friend who rinses her wipes with water before using them too. I thought this was a brilliant idea too.


  • Switch to a different type of diaper. Pampers has fragrance and Huggies doesn’t. I use Pampers Swaddlers because they pull the poop away from the skin.


  • If the diaper rash looks white or like there is puss coming from it then it is probably a yeast infection and needs doctor’s attention but if it is red or even blistery looking then it is okay to just dry it out without seeing a doctor. I do strongly recommend however that It is always a good idea to take baby to the doctor the first time something happens so that you know for sure that it is okay. I have never actually seen what a yeast diaper rash looks like so can only tell you what I have read.


  • Look for a %40 zinc oxide cream this is prescription strength. This has always worked the best for My daughter. I use a layer of this stuff and then another layer of Vaseline. Some people use just Vaseline and some use just bum cream. I use both together because my daughter is prone to diaper rash. I have also used lanolin on my daughter’s diaper rash because when my nipples were really sore the lanolin actually took away some of the pain. It seems to really help my daughter’ bum too.


  • In the beginning my daughter pooped somewhere between 14 and 18 times a day! She pooped constantly. This is normal and it does slow down by about two months. It is also normal for a breast fed baby to go as long as 10 days without pooping.


  • A baby is not constipated unless their poop comes out hard. It is possible for a breast fed baby to be constipated if they are not eating often enough or if you get dehydrated. It is important to drink lots of water anyway but especially if this problem arises. If a baby goes a week with out pooping but then has a normal poop they are not actually constipated.


  • If your baby poops and that poop goes straight up baby’s back out of the diaper this means that the diaper is too small for your baby. Even if the diaper says it’s for 8-14 pounds and your baby still weighs 7 pounds go up a size. It sucks to be holding a fully clothed baby and still get pooped all over.

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