Quick and Easy Cupboard Top Cleaning: Fight Grease with Oil!

8 Apr

Let me just start by saying that I LOVE Pintrest. Possibly more than anyone should. Anyway, a little while back I saw someone suggest this little trick: simply washing the dusty, fluffy, grease build up on top of your cupboards and hood fan with oil. I was amazed by the brilliance and had to try. So here is what my cupboards looked like.cupboard 2

This particular chore is my least favorite cleaning job. I usually end up scraping the awful sludge off with straight dish soap and a putty knife. It takes hours, it’s awkward and I hate it. So needless to say I NEVER do it. cupboard1

So it’s usually pretty gross up there. The disgusting state always makes me leave it longer and longer until it becomes embarrassing. It’s a vicious circle of procrastination! Then finally one day (usually before I have people over) I climb up there and do it. I just saturated a rag with some canola oil and wiped everything down. It was that easy. Just make sure that you’re not emotionally attached to the rag because you’re going to have to throw it out when you’re finished with it.


The results were amazing! A job that normally would take an entire afternoon was finished in less than 20 mins! It wiped right off, just like wiping down a counter. I was so amazed that the slight embarrassment of publicly displaying my gross cupboard tops is worth sharing this trick with everyone!clean 3


clean 2

clean 1

I was so excited that I even cleaned the wicker basket decorations too!

dusty basket 1

I just cannot express how simple and fast and downright satisfying it was to make such quick work out of such a dreaded job.

half clean

Before I would have just thrown out the wicker basket and here it is good as new.

clean basket

Give it a try. Hopefully it works as well for you!

8 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Cupboard Top Cleaning: Fight Grease with Oil!

  1. Could or would this work for hood ranges over the stove? no matter how many times a week i clean this thing, it still ends up dirty, gross and disgusting. I swear i could spend hours cleaning it and yet it never looks clean.

  2. Have you tried this on the cabinet doors? Or would it be to oily? If it’s to oily,what do you use?
    Thanks for reading!

    • I have used it on cabinets. It works great! you might have to wash the oil off afterward but that’s way easier than grease.

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