Nail Polish Cake Pops!

9 Jun

finished cake pops 1.jpgI have a friend who loves nail polish! So of course when I saw the nail polish cake pops on Pintrest I knew that one day I would love to make them for her. When her surpriseNaked cakepops.jpg baby shower came up I thought it would be the perfect opportunity. She’s having a boy. It seemed a little weird to have “it’s a boy!” written on a bottle of nail polish, but I figured why not?

For detailed instructions on how to make cake pops from scratch please refer to my previous post Cake Pops! for simple instructions.

One thing that I was just figuring out when I wrote my first cake pop post was how to control the sweetness of cake pops. There are two things that I have found that are very important: 1 size and 2 “glue”. If the cake pops get too large they will just be more than the average person can handle eating in one go. You really want to err on the side of too small. Cake pops sticks.jpgOnce they ae coated they will end up larger than you would expect.

The “glue” is what ever you decide to use to hold the cake pops together. I started with frosting but that was way too sweet so I started using things like cream cheese or butter. The candy coating is very sweet all on its own so you really want to cut out any unnecessary sugar. These cake pops were red velvet so I chose cream cheese. I also put a little cherry flavouring into the royal icing on the labels.

for these cake pops cakepops half dipped.jpgI used every color of candy coating that they had at the bulk store. Mostly just because I had been wanting to try them all out. The bulk store also had nail polish first.jpgmatching colored castor sugar for every color that I chose! I was pretty excited to start playing around with it all.

I got a little carried away… the cake pops kind of started to look a little too crazy. So I decided that labels were in order. I loved the black with neon colors and I really think that the labels were the perfect finishing touch but I still recommend having a plan for design and sticking to it.

For the labels I used black fondant and royal icing. As always I recommend Americolor food colors. They are far superior to all other colors I have ever used and even slightly less expensive.

for the tops of the bottles I just used plain black fondant. Save yourself the hassle and buy the pre-colored black fondant. Also, in the future I would have used a rice crispy filling coated in fondant to save on the cost of fondant and taste a little better. eating fondant isn’t the greatest at the best of times. I can’t imagine anyone enjoying eating a huge lump on straight fondant.


nail polish 3.jpg


Over all these are great, easy and fun. I recommend trying them sometime!

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