Teddy Bear’s Picnic Cake!!

10 Jun

finished 1.jpgI loved this cake! This was the first time I ever experimented with fondant and I tell you it is so much fun. This cake had such a great theme it was just so fun to make!!


For this cake I made the bear out of two cakes that had been baked in metal bowls instead of cake pans. I stacked the cakes on top of each other and fastened them together with shish kabob sticks that I used as dowels. I then carved the cake into the best bear shape I could get. Next I moulded rice crispy treats int arms, legs, nose and ears. I also used dowels to attach all of those. I learned here especially with the ears that if you want them to hold their shape and not fall off that i is very important to squish the rice crispies into the tightest shape that you can. Otherwise they just fall off of the dowels with their own weight. before set up.jpg

I think that it is important to note here that most of the time when I use rice crispy treats I just use the store-bought pre made ones. For me, it’s a huge time saver and really not that much more expensive if you shop at Costco. The next step was to very carefully apply a crumb coat of icing. I freaking HATE crumb coating things but in this case, and always in the case of carving, it is a step that a person just cannot skip. Next I created the bear fur look with brown frosting and a grass tip. The eyes and nose are made out of fondant. The little smile and black eye dots I drew in with edible pen. Overall, I’d say that the bear was a fairly easy cake and he turned out so cute. I would recommend that anyone try this at least once.bear front.jpg

For the basket I molded almost all of it out of rice crispy squares and then coated it in fondant. I just filled one of the metal bowls I used for the bear with rice crispy bars all squished together and then coated the rice crispies with brown fondant that I pressed into a wooden plank fondant press first. I then painted the fondant with brown food color and gin to create the multi colored look. The banana was made in the same way. For the grapes I just rolled balls out of fondant and then painted them and threw them in there loosely on top of each other. I Just placed the leaves and vines all around them loosely as well. For the bear’s sandwiches I used sugar cookies! I used my Cookies on a Stick recipe which you will find if you follow the link. I put a square of red and a square of brown fondant between the cookies to make them look this PB&J sandwiches. I loved this basket! I really think that it made the cake!basket1.jpg

The ants, apple, watermelon slices and blanket were all made out of fondant and Ants with corners.jpgallowed to dry. You can make fondant or gum past decorations for a cake up to  a year in advance if you want to so don’t be afraid to get a head start on your cakes if you have some free time. To achieve the checkered look on the blanket I scored it with a ruler and then just painted the squares red. You could also use a square fondant watermelon.jpgcutter and cut and paste red squares on if you want too.







I made the small Liam cake so that it could be removable as a smash cake later. I created the look of that cake with a Wilton fondant press for the cupcakes and candles. I thought it was extra cute because the blue and white reminded me of clouds in the sky at the teddy bear’s picnic. For the lettering on the cake I just cut out letters on parchment paper and place them down and then poured the sprinkles all over the top. Next I slid all of the sprinkles off of the letters and removed them. Then I traced the out line of the letters in black butter cream. It is important to note here that if you are stacking cakes it is crucial to put straws or bubble tea straws (if you can find them) below the cakes in order to stop them from sinking in. It is also important to be sure that you cut all of those straws to the same length.apple.jpg

I thought that it would be cute to have the bear sitting on a “hill” so I didn’t flatten the top of the cake I left it slightly rounded as it came out of the oven. BIG MISTAKE!!! I had such a hard time getting that bear to sit one there without falling apart. I had to prop him with dowels and cardboard and then cover all of it will lots of frosting. It would have been so much easier ( and so much less stressful to drive to the birthday party) if I had just flattened it first.

Another important note is that if it is at all possible to make something out of rice cereal and then cover it with fondant then that is the way to go. It will save you money in fondant and it will taste so much better too.liam.jpg

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