Fancy Chocolate Pretzels

14 Jun


girlpretzels2.jpgAs you all know by now I LOVE Pintrest! So when I was planning my cousin’s baby shower. I hunted high and low for cute baby shower treats. I saw these; and I thought that they were adorable so I thought I would give them a try.

Of course they were very easy to do. The only thing I found was that with the “Hershey’s Hugs” was, that it is really important to not heat them up too quickly. The inside of them is plain chocolate so if they melt too fast the milk chocolate will melt all over the white chocolate and the effect will kind of get muddled. As always if you really learn your oven everything that you cook will tastegirl pretzels1.jpg better.

If you choose to use the candy melts they can handle less delicate treatment, but I still would use a lower heat. I used 250° with the hugs, and that turned out too hot; even with me watching it very closely. With the candy melts I used the lowest heat my oven does, 180°, this worked perfectly.boyprtezels2.jpg


These treats are simple and delicious. I recommend them for a really great party treat.


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