Easy “Cheater’s”Banana Bread

16 Jun

Here is yet another idea I found on Pintrest. The pin was actually just of a picture so I just did my best to come up with a lazy banana bread on my own. banana bread.jpg

For this I simply took a boxed cake mix that I had on hand. I really think any flavour would work but I just had white cake. I used two bananas and two eggs and mixed them all together in a bowl and I added chocolate chips because I had some of those on hand too.

After they were all mixed I decided to use a bundt pan because I think that they’re pretty and I had never used one before. A person could use any pan they wanted for this mix. I know that I’m going to make cupcakes out of it one day for sure! Regardless of which pan you choose  just follow the time suggested on the back of the box and Viola! A perfect delicious banana bread!banana bread 2.jpg

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