Blooper # 5 “The Time That I Melted My Parents’ Toaster”

16 Jun

So I was looking through Pintrest one day and I came across the most amazing pin ever! This person put their toaster on its side and melted cheese on toast! “Wow” I remembertoaster2.jpg thinking. Just think of the possibilities! I could make pizza in there if I wanted. I shook my head thinking that I always thought a person need to use a toaster oven or a regular oven for such things when all I had to do was just turn the toaster on its side. “Some people are so smart” I thought as I ran upstairs and frantically sliced cheese and got ready to melt some cheese on toast like a smart person would. “Gather together family” I called for everyone to watch as we made cheese melting history. It seemed strange to me that they were not as excited about this momentous event as I was.

toaster1.jpgWell as I’m sure you already knew because of its placement in the “bloopers” section of the blog things did not go as well as I had hoped they would. As we all know heat rises and when the heat from the toaster rises when the toaster is lying on its side it rises into the toaster. This is okay for a little bit but I just could not get that damn cheese to melt so I kept turning up the heat until it did and then it really only melted and then finally burned on the one corner.

I was so fixated on the toast in the toaster I stood with my face as close to the heat as I could stand it watching my “cheese melting” dreams fizzle as I quickly realized that this wasn’t such a glorious idea after all. I was so fixated on that toast that I hadn’t noticed all of the smoke pouring out of the top back part of the toaster as all of the plastic bits melted and curled away from the metal as the heat finally found a way to escape.

toast.jpgIt was the rancid smell of burning plastic and the screech of the smoke alarm that alerted my family (and honestly also me) to the result of my toast/cheese experiment. The toast smelled of melted plastic and I had to awkwardly apologize to my parent’s about the toaster. Promising them a new toaster; I was left with a lingering thought that only a total moron would try to melt cheese in a toaster (and of course I was referring to the person who put it up on to Pintrest in the first place (I was innocent I told myself because I never would have thought of that without the influence of the internet (Innocent! Hell, I was a hero fighting in the name of science to rid the internet of erroneous ideas!!).

Fine, maybe it wasn’t the best plan I’ve ever had. I guess what I’m trying to say here is just don’t try to melt cheese in the toaster.

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