Vanilla Sugar!

19 Jun





Every once in a while I like to try using ingredients that feel really fancy or exotic when I’m cooking. Vanilla beans are one of those ingredients. I love the way they taste and smell. I love that when you buy them they are usually sealed up in some sort of crazy test tube.I love vanilla beans! As a result I find it really difficult to just throw them away when I’m done scraping the seeds out of them. usually what I do is just fill up a pretty little jar of sugar with the bean pod at the bottom. This little touch of vanilla adds a lot to you coffee in the morning or even to a batch of chocolate chip cookies. That hint of vanbean.jpgvanilla is just enough to leave a person wondering what your secret ingredient is and I do love a good secret.  I suppose if a person were so inclined they could also throw those pods into a bottle of vodka or rum. This would certainly add a dimension to any fondant work that needed gluing or painting or you could just drink it.

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