“Saw” Cupcakes!

20 Jun

A little while back I got an order for famous horror movie cupcakes. Although, it was a crazy amount of work to make so many individual faces, I jumped all over the chance to attempt these crazy iconic characters. This first post is the puppet guy from “Saw”. I have to admit I never actually watched the movie. The concept was way too creepy for me. He was, however, my favorite character to make.  In my research I found that his name is Billy for anyone who cares about that little fact. sawface2FII started the face with a rolled up ball of rice crispy squares. I always use the pre-made rice crispy squares to save on time. From there I just covered it with fondant and then just built the fondant onto itself. A few tips here that I learned as I went along are: I always indent the eyes first and build the face around them. Next attach the fondant with gin and when it’s attached I always smooth it out with a little vegetable shortening. When working with such small details you must have fondant tools. Fingers are just too big to get into such small spaces. Another important detail to note here is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. No one, but you, will notice creases or lines in such a small area. People will, however, notice if the whole face is squished because you were screwing around trying to fix the nose. It is very important to know when to walk away. collage3.jpgI loved the swirls on his cheeks! It was the first time that I got to use my food color markers. Food color markers are amazing! It adds so much to your work when you can add tiny finishing touched that would be nearly impossible to paint on.cupcakesblood.jpgThese cupcakes were delicious. Pineapple cake was the chosen base flavour. I chose to make the “blood” out of raspberry sauce because it’s thick and kind of “clots” like real blood which is really disgusting. I also chose to tint the icing a slight grey tone because that is extra gross looking when accented with “blood”. By the time I was finished they were as close as I could them to the line between edible and disgusting without going over. I never would have paired pineapple and raspberry together and I have to tell you that was a delicious accidental combo that I will definitely use again. finished.jpgAs I have learned over and over again working with fondant is really easy. If you loved to play with play dough when you were a kid you will be totally equipt to make almost anything out of fondant. If you use rice crispies as a base it won’t taste too bad either!

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