“Freddy” Rice Crispy Pops!

20 Jun

freddypops.jpgOk so these guys happened by mistake, but what a great mistake to make! The first Freddy heads I made were a little on the “way too big” side so I realized after making two of them that they just wouldn’t look great on top of a cup cake. I put a little bit of time into them so I didn’t want to just throw them out. What was a girl to do? Well, I just stuck lollipop sticks into them and in my world “rice crispy pops” were born. This opened a whole new world of possibilities for me. I’m great with fondant but not so good at creating with candy melts. If I make rice crispy pops instead of cake pops I will be able to create much more elaborate designs. Rice crispies are the perfect medium for being man handled, where as, cake pops on the other hand will just fall apart. In the future I think I’ll dip the sticks into a little melted candy coating before I insert them just for a little added security that the “pops” won’t fall off of their sticks.


FreddyCollage2.jpgI used pre-made rice crispy squares, as always, and coated them with skin colored fondant. Next I positioned his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears and worked from there. I always use gin as glue for fondant. A nose is really easy to make; just roll a bit of fondant into a ball and squish it between both index fingers and both thumbs. Every time you will end up with a nose shape. Then all you have to do is glue it down and add nostrils with a fondant tool. Next I added a layer of red fondant into his mouth and then rolled tiny balls of white fondant as teeth and glued them into his mouth with gin. Then I covered his mouth with lips and used vegetable shortening to smooth on all of the features that I added. I used a fondant tool to push his eyes in to make them look scary and shadowy then I used my food color marker to draw in his eyes. I used both black and blue for his eye color. It’s kind of hard to see but if you are drawing in eyes try to leave a small circle or two of white to add a little life to the face. I have found that the key to really interesting looking faces is eye lids. I really played around with his eye lids to try to get a scary facial expression. The gross scarred look was achieved by stabbing into his face and stretching the fondant out with a fondant tool. Then I  painted red americolor food coloring onto the punctured parts of his face with a little gin and followed that by using a paper towel to blot it off again. I painted a little black in his nostrils and ears and for a finishing touch I painted his teeth with ivory food coloring to make them look stained.

It started with Freddy but I’m sure very soon I will have a few more rice crispy pop designs for the ol’ blog!

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