“Pennywise” The Clown From “It” Cupcakes!

20 Jun

clown 2.jpgHorror movie icon cupcake number 4 “Pennywise” the clown from “It”. And I always thought that was just the name of a band. I learned so much when I researched these cupcakes. This is another movie that I never did see. This clown has ingrained its self so much into horror movie culture however, that everyone from that era recognizes him, whether they’ve seen the movie or not. I even have a few friends who developed ridiculous clown phobias because of this guy. Regardless, he was great fun to make. I really enjoy his pointy filthy teeth! I struggled a bit with his hair; I tried to bring it up to his temples but the fondant was just too heavy and eventually drooped and fell away. On the remaining ones I just glued them down on top of a “hair” cut out. Functionally it was a way better idea, however, I must admit I was a little disappointed in the way the hair turned out. If I had them to do over again I would try harder to achieve that poofy iconic clown hair that is just so much of the character. clown collage2.jpgAs always I started this face off by rolling some pre-made rice crispy squares into a really tight ball and shaping that into what I wanted the clowns head to look like. The thing that I always find the most interesting when working with fondant is that you can take a round rolled out sheet and cover something with it perfectly with out weird folds or overlapping. In my mind that just doesn’t make sense and yet somehow it always turns out perfect. I tried a couple different ways of doing that eyes. The first one I tried was to draw the clown make up on with the edible markers. This ultimately was in my opinion the best way to go. It created a rough-looking style that added a little more depth to the character. The next way I tried was to use black fondant to sit behind the eyes. It felt like that would be better in the end but it just looked a little too clean and took away that rough creepy feeling that was important for this guy. I painted the teeth with an undiluted ivory food color to get that dirty look. Indents around the cheeks and a round bulbous forehead were also important features to focus on and of course don’t forget to poke nostril holes in the nose to add a little more depth. I really didn’t notice until I started prepping the pictures for the blog that the eyebrows were a little too rounded. If I had it to do over again I think that I would make them a little more pointy and angry-looking. clown1.jpg

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