“Chucky” Cupcakes

21 Jun

chucky2.jpgI was the most proud of my Chucky cupcake toppers! I thought that he turned out great! Now that I’m looking closer at the picture though I wish that I would have made the blue parts of his eyes a little more round. Other than that though I would say that Chucky was a complete success.

The most important feature of Chucky Is that he has a huge forehead. As long as you keep him face on the bottom half of the rice crispy head you will be fine.  As always I stared these cupcake toppers with a rolled up ball of rice crispy squares. I always by the pre-made ones. It saves on time and really is not that much more expensive. I have found when working with rice crispies, that it is important to squish them together as much as you can, if you are making shapes that need to bear their own weight. If you are just making cupcake toppers then you really only need to squish them together enough to hold their shape. Like everything else once you get in there and see what it’s like you’ll see what I mean with that.chucky collage2.jpg

I really think that if you plan to be working with fondant and making small faces that you need to have the right tools. I could not have made any of these faces with out the fondant tool set that I bought. I used a fondant cutter to press the scar shapes into Chucky’s face. I also think that it’s important to not that I used a paint brush and painted a slight pink color over Chucky’s eyes to make them look blood-shot. I think that really added to the character. I have mentioned this many times before but I think it’s worth mentioning again. I have found that if you have left over bits of colored fondant you can mix them all together to create either a brown or a grey color. Any color at all don’t be afraid of adding blue or pink or green. When it’s all mixed together it always goes brown or grey. Then I just add a little food coloring to get the color that I want. I have also found that fondant gets sticky if too much color is added to it. To counter this problem I add a little vegetable shortening to it. This always brings it back to the right consistency.  Since you’ll be adding it any way you may as well just coat your hands with it to prevent the coloring from staining your skin. It won’t prevent it completely but it will help a lot. I still have pink or green hands fairly often because I forget this trick.chucky1.jpg

I rested the Chucky cupcake toppers on top of a pineapple cupcake with a slightly grey tinted butter cream. I found that the slight grey tint looked really awesome when combined with the red color of the “blood” drizzle that I made out of a raspberry sauce. Kind of like the greyish color that a brain is supposed to be.

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