“Jason” Cupcakes!

21 Jun

Jasoncc1.jpgBy the end of the marathon that was making these cupcakes I was getting pretty tired of horror movie cupcake toppers I tell you. I left the easiest one to the end and that was Jason. I have been repeating the importance of eye brows to you over and over again in each article. This guy was the reason for that. I neglected to put eyebrows under the masks and the Jasons just ended up looking really surprised. No body’s scared of a surprised villan. Don’t forget your eyebrows people!

Jason.jpgThe only tip I really have about these guys is actually about tips. I used the tips of my piping tips to cut holes in the fondant. If you make use of your plain round tips you can cut a whole array of small round holes in things!

I covered the rice crispy square form in black fondant for this one because Jason has sort of slicked back black hair. It kind of worked. Either way this guy is pretty straight forward and totally worth a try.jason cc.jpg

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