Creepy Eyeball Cake Pops!

21 Jun

eyecp2.jpgI am a strong believer in making cake pops from scratch. If you read my blog you know that I don’t necessarily feel like that just because I insist on making everything from scratch. I have no problem with using a boxed cake or every pre-made rice crispy squares to save time. In this instance however from scratch is key. Otherwise you will end up with a dried out ball of cake on a stick and who wants to eat that? If you want to learn more about making cake pops from scratch you may find this article helpful: Cake pops!.

I’ll run through it really quickly here too though. Bake a cake like normal in a normal pan and when it is slightly cooled shred it with a fork. Once the cake has been rendered to crumbs add in 1 tablespoon at a time of your favorite binder. These cake pops were carrot cake flavoured so I used cream cheese. You could use butter, nutella, peanut butter anything think and creamy. I don’t use frosting any more because I find them far too sweet that way, but by all means if you like sweet stuff then use your favorite frosting. It is very important to not over do the binder (butter etc.) because, as I learned the hard way, if you go too far there is no coming back. eyeballcol2.jpg

Next roll the mixture into cake balls. I included two pics of cake balls in the collage to show you that it is not only okay but actually nessesary to really squeeze the mixture together. If the balls look crumbly that’s because they are crumbly; and if they are crumbly they will fall off of their sticks so really squeeze them together!

For these eyeballs we found some really awesome little forks at the dollar store and used those instead of sticks. The red part of the eye itself is made out of fondant. I made the “blood” and blood-shot lines out of red candy melts and then painted a little red food coloring on with gin. I also flavoured the white candy melts with Bavarian cream flavouring! They were the best tasting cake pops that I have every made!

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  1. I just found this on Pinterest. I absolutely love these!! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m pinning this for sure and going to check out your other ones!

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