Bacon Taco Shells!

21 Jun

bacon taco2A few months back I wrote and article about the amazing and delicious versatility of bacon. I loved that article. This was right around the time that I first started blogging. I had, what at the time, was an over whelming response to that article.  In my inexperience with the internet I really thought that it was okay to “borrow” pictures from other people as long as I credited the source of the photo. I was informed several days later by a lawyer in Germany, that this in fact, was not true. Not asking permission first was viewed as stealing and if I didn’t get all of my “borrowed” pictures of off my blog ASAP they were going to sue the pants off of me. Frankly, I like my pants where they are. After I jumped a few hoops to get my blog turned back on I feverishly got to work deleting all of the borrowed pics. Let me tell you I had been very busy on the blog at that time. I then got to work taking pictures to replace the ones I had been using. This meant baking a lot of cupcakes. In the slew of pictures that needed to be recreated was this little gem: Bacon Taco Shells! A truly ludicrous invention of our time and yet I found my self in the middle of the night trying to fashion a taco shell out of bacon wondering if, perhaps, this time I had gone too far? Regardless and without further ado: instructions follow for how to make a bacon taco shell. bacon taco.jpg

Firstly you start by lining a baking sheet with parchment paper. Be sure to use a baking sheet with sides so that the grease doesn’t spill all over the inside of your oven. Next place 4 or 5 overlapping slices of bacon together. This will make one taco shell.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you find yourself at a time in your life making bacon taco shells you will probably need more than one so just go ahead and fill that sheet up with as many as you can fit on there. Once the bacon was cooked I removed it from the baking sheet and try as I may I could not get it to form into the shape of a taco shell. what I ended up doing was wrapping it over an actual taco shell and then throwing them back into the oven to crisp up. This worked fairly well.  Just try to not over cook it. If it gets too crispy it will just shatter. Good luck and enjoy your bacon taco adventure!


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2 thoughts on “Bacon Taco Shells!

  1. I believe everything is better with bacon and if the people that you “borrowed” pics from were truly eating their proper amounts of bacon then they would have been too happy with life in general to be worry about silly photos. Eat more bacon, be happy!!

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