Even Better Baked Potatoes!

22 Jun

potato1.jpgI’m Irish, well, part Irish, the point is that in my family potatoes are pretty important. There was a time where they had to be included at every dinner. We have gotten away from that  in attempt to try to be a little healthier. Also, honestly who has time to prepare potatoes every day? I think that was a form of punishment in the army at one time. Any way… I still love potatoes and they really are a treat when I do have them. A little while back I saw a recipe for better baked potatoes on Pintrest and thought to myself: a recipe for baked potatoes? Wash them, poke some holes in them or stab a slit down the middle (so the don’t explode (yes they really will explode if you skip this. Not every time but sometimes (yes I have tried it) and throw them in the oven what more could there possibly be? This amazing genius rubbed them in olive oil and massaged them with coarse salt! This creates with out a doubt the most delicious potato I have ever tasted. Next time you have baked potatoes give it a try. You will not be disappointed.potato2.jpg


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