Bacon Kahlua Sundae!

22 Jun

bacon sundae.jpgThis is another of the bacon experiments that I did for my bacon post many months ago. Let me start by saying if you have never had a bacon sundae that is something you should get on right away. Generally speaking when people make a bacon sundae they pair it with a maple flavor. This is delicious  but I got thinking that I wanted to try something different. Bacon makes me think of breakfast and breakfast makes me think of coffee! So I tried a little Kahlua (any coffee liqour would work) and it was delicious! Possibly even more so than maple. The only thing that it is important to note here is that the really crispy bacon is always best in a sundae or sweet application because it develops a consistency quite similar to toffee and that will help your palate accept it as a sweet food. I also sprinkled a few Skor bits toffee peices over top of it. It was delicious!


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