Vanilla Bean Frosting

22 Jun

vanbean frostingfi.jpgIs there anything prettier than a perfect swirl of vanilla bean frosting? It is such vanbean1.jpga  simple thing to make and yet somehowvanbean2.jpg it seems so fancy and extraordinary. Last year they started carrying vanilla beans at Costco and they were so affordable I had to give them a try. For some reason I found them intimidating. I learned really quickly that there truly is nothing to be intimidated about when it comes to vanilla beans. Simply cut a slit up the middle of the bean. It’s okay if you cut it in half even. Then just scrape the tip of the knife along the bean and all of the tiny little seeds will stick to the edge of the knife. Then all you have to do is add it to anything that you would normally add vanilla to. I find the taste subtler because there is no alcohol mixed in. I really like to use a vanilla bean frosting any time I’m doing anything “cookies and cream” because it gives that “cookies and cream” look to the frosting without the frosting getting grey and muddled looking like it does if you over-mix real cookies in. You will also end up with a beautiful vanilla bean pod that you can use to make vanilla sugar, vanilla coffee grounds or even vanilla vodka!

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