“Bloody” Halloween Cupcakes!

23 Jun

cupcakesblood.jpgThese are the cupcakes that I made as the base cupcakes to feature the rice crispy horror movie icon faces. These Cupcakes started out as just a basic pineapple cupcake. Follow this link for the recipe Pineapple Dream Birthday Cake! I used a Basic American Butter Cream Recipe tinted slightly grey. This is one of my most favorite cake recipes and I had originally planned just for that but then I got thinking that a little “blood” would really put them over the top. I made the blood out of a homemade raspberry sauce that I learned how to make as a teenager. I chose this sauce because of the way that I gels as it cools sort of like clotting blood, which is really gross. The thing that really surprised me with this combo was how amazingly good these two flavours tasted together. I never would have guessed pineapple and raspberry would compliment each other so well. I will definitely use this combo again in the near future!




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6 thoughts on ““Bloody” Halloween Cupcakes!

    • I’ve fallen a little behind on my posts recently until I get the full recipe with pics up here is what I do: I use an average sized bag of frozen raspberries throw them into a sauce pan with about 1/2 cup- 1 cup of sugar and boil them until they thicken and turn into a gel; then I strain the seeds and viola! Amazing rasbery sauce. Do not add water, the sugar will pull the water from the fruit. So easy and so good with pancakes and crepes too! If you put the sauce in the fridge it will thicken into a jam too!

    • Sorry about that, I’ll check it out. The pineapple dream cake is just any whit cake with crushed pineapple substituted for the liquid and one extra egg. And then the Swiss meringue butter cream frosting coloured pink.

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