The New Importance of Sexual Education for Our Children

20 Jul

Recently this topic has been brought to my attention and I can’t help but feel like it is a very important thing to bring into the spot light.

With the incredible accessibility of the internet it is crucially important for parents to educate their children about sexuality. Not only about where babies come from but also about the nature of sex itself. When ever I’m curious about something the first place that I always go to learn more about the subject is the internet. Like stuff that can be found on Tubev ( while they have some great content they don’t always have the whole picture. If kids do not feel comfortable discussing these things with their parents this is inevitably where they will end up. An innocent search regarding sex has limitless potential to bring up all kinds of pornography including I’m not at all suggesting censorship because I don’t believe that pretending that these things don’t exist will be as beneficial to our children as educating them would be. No matter what you do at home the real world will still be out there waiting for them.

There is a significant difference between sex and pornography. Regardless of your feelings about pornography it is important to acknowledge that pornography is out there potentially effecting the sexual development of our world’s youth. As the mother of a daughter I believe that it is remarkably important to teach her that ideally sex should be an expression of love but at the very least sex should be about mutual respect and enjoyment. Basic run of the mill sex should never be degrading to either party. It is my responsibility to teach her that Pornography isn’t real. It’s just the sex version of a Hollywood block buster action movie. People who are inexperienced with sex don’t know that. It’s a good time for parents to step out of their comfort zones a little and try to prevent their teenaged children from participating in things that they don’t want to simply because they think that’s what’s intimacy is. I think it is important to keep this all in context. Watching videos on websites like Nu-Bay ( aren’t inherently bad, they just need contextualising.

The reason I think this is so important to share is that until Cindy Gallop brought it to my attention in her ( WARNING: This link does contain a very blunt conversation about pornography) Ted Talk: Make Love Not Porn I never even considered it. This issue is out there and even though it may be an uncomfortable discussion; I will be telling my daughter, when she’s old enough, about sex in real life as opposed to what she may one day see on the internet.

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