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22 Jul

These are all of the things that I had to run out and get because I suddenly needed them. Hopefully they will help you be more prepared.

  • Nursing pads and overnight pads. The thin pads really help sore nipples feel better in the beginning. If you put on your nipple cream and then the pad then your bra it will protect your nipples from rubbing. Some people find wearing no bra and just a shirt far more comfortable but I really needed the nursing pads. The nursing pads will also catch leaks which are really embarrassing. Remember to put some in your diaper bag just in case you need them when you are out. I started leaking so much at nights that it made it uncomfortable to sleep (cold wet shirt) so I have to use the night-time pads but I don’t know anyone else who leaks as much as me so you may not need them. There are washable pads that are reusable, you can just throw them in with your baby laundry. I have some but I find myself far too disorganized at times to always make sure that they are clean. If you do want to go this route be sure to buy at least 7 pairs so that you know you will always have some on hand when you need them. I use both disposable and reusable.


  • Medela micro steam bags. These things are awesome!! They disinfect anything in a minute and a half and that way you can avoid boiling water. I have found this product the quickest and easiest way to be sure that everything is sanitized. These bags are also very convenient for babysitters.


  • Vitamin D drops. They are important to help your baby absorb calcium as well as to boost the immune system. The dropper kind causes my daughter to have a hard time breathing for a few seconds. If you want to use this kind it is best if you try to slowly squeeze them into baby’s cheek rather than let him suck them out of the dropper. I prefer the single drop kind. Instead of putting a drop on my nipple or on a soother I put a drop on my (clean) finger and then put my finger in her mouth. This was the only way I found to not have the drop roll away.


  • Hydra sense nose aspirator. This thing freaked me out in the beginning because I thought it was gross. This turned out to be the best thing I own I use it all the time. Regular aspirators don’t actually do anything. Babies have lots of mucus in their lungs when they are born just from being inside of you. This mucus sometimes makes it hard for them to breath. It is important to be able to get it out quickly and effectively. A clean nose will make it easier for baby to eat and sleep. Don’t worry no boogers will get into your mouth, there is a filter. And I know a girl who was so desperate to clean out her baby’s nose that she actually did suck it clean with her mouth! You will do anything you have to do to help your baby breath! Welcome to mother hood 😉


  • Bibs My daughter started drooling a lot around 3 months. I was surprised to learn that babies need bibs before they start eating. Try not to put bibs in the dryer they get all shrunken and weird.


  • Head flash light. This is incredibly helpful for checking your baby at night and doing night-time diaper changes. Just point the light so it’s aimed at the ceiling and you will be able to see enough to get the job do and you will have your hands free to do it. This is important in the beginning to help baby tell the difference between night and day.


  • Onesies with long sleeves and hand covers. Babies scratch the hell out of their faces in the beginning. Those little mitts fall off constantly so these are really the only things that work to cover their hands all the time.


  • One of every kind of soother. This way you can see what baby likes without having to run to the store to buy a new kind. After all of my searching my daughter just doesn’t like soothers at all. I think that if your baby is smaller than 7 pounds the soother actually hits the gag reflex at the back of the throat.


  • %40 zinc diaper cream. This stuff is prescription strength.Li’l Goats brand was the best that I found. This stuff helped get rid of what I would consider severe diaper rash.


  • Bulb topped dropper. This is best for giving gripe water because if you put it in your baby’s mouth she or he will suck the gripe water right out without you having to squeeze it.


  • Gripe water. For gas and teething. I noticed no effectiveness difference between alcohol free and the kind with alcohol. I always felt a little more comfortable with alcohol free. Guaranteed you will accidentally buy the kind with alcohol at least once. Don’t worry it is okay to use it. I used the Kolik brand.


  • Oval. For gas. It says on the package only use with the advice of a doctor. I think it’s just fine to use it without first talking to your doctor about it. I don’t think it can hurt a baby. Of course if you are nervous or concerned always talk to your doctor before doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. I used it when my daughter needed it because it was recommended to me by a mom who had used it herself. I did discuss it with my doctor at the next appointment and he seemed totally unconcerned.


  • Swaddle pod/ Woombie. These things will help your baby sleep. At first Baby has no control over their arms. So they wake themselves up by flailing and scratching themselves. These will keep their arms away from their faces and help them fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. It’s good to have a few in case the baby drools or pees all over it in his or her sleep.


  • Rubber duck: Inflatable bath tub. This thing is amazing. First of all it’s just so cute but there is so much more to it than that. It’s soft which makes it so much more comfortable for small babies. It’s inflatable so it isn’t at all rigid. It kind of contours to your baby’s body. This also gives the added benefit of allowing you to prop your baby up with it if you are washing the baby alone. This makes it much easier to use soap and do things with your free hand. It never really gets cold so touching the sides won’t shock your baby and make him or her cry. Ours actually fell apart from use within the first 4 months but it only cost $15 so I think it was well worth it.


  • Mobile:I have one that plays music. My daughter loves it. The mobile can buy me an extra 15 minutes here and there. It also give my daughter something to do in her crib when I am putting away her laundry.


  • Air cleaner: I use ours as a white noise machine in our daughter’s room. It works amazingly as a white noise machine but it also purifies her air and prevents her room from smelling like diapers. We have an Oreck brand air purifier.


  • Sleep sheep: This is a great noise machine for traveling. It helps my daughter sleep when we are at a restaurant or out at the mall.


  • Projector: We received a noise machine with a projector on it as a gift and this has turned out to be a very valuable part of our daughters sleep time routine. If my daughter isn’t quite sleepy when I first put her down the twirling images on the ceiling lull her to sleep. She loves her projector!


  • Play pen: I think that a play pen is a very valuable thing to have around for times when you need to leave your baby unattended for a few moments. It is a reliable safe place to put baby so that he or she can still have fun and learn to play independently. A play pen is invaluable in a house with pets as well because it allows pets and baby to get to know each other without actually being able to touch each other. The play pen is perfect for keeping cats away from your baby as well because they just can’t seem to figure out how to jump into one.


  • Baby Bjorn:This is by far the best baby carrier out there because it offers lower back support. it is easily adjustable so can go from one person to the next with out hassle. It is expensive but well worth the money.


  • Medela breast pump:As tempting as it is you really don’t want to cheap out on your breast pump. This one is awesome!


  • Buy rechargeable batteries! We sail through the AAAs.

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