Irish Dream Cake!!

1 Aug

Guinness Chocolate Cake with Bailey’s Irish Cream Frosting and Filling

If you are in the mood for a rich cake drenched in booze then this is your cake. It’s not a good idea to serve this one around the kids. The Bailey’s frosting is delicious and the Bailey’s filling pushes it right over the edge. If you’re in the mood for a more subtle flavor then simply omit the filling and substitute the Bailey’s butter-cream between the layers. A delicious cake! It’s difficult to only eat one piece.


Pick your favorite from scratch recipe or chocolate boxed cake mix and substitute Guinness beer for the liquid. Don’t forget to shake the Guinness and get all the rich stout goodness from the bottom of the can. Bake two 6 inch round cakes.

Without the Icing this cake tastes a little like…well…beer. That’s okay. The butter-cream will compliment it perfectly.


One pack of instant vanilla pudding. Mix the pudding powder with one cup of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Cover filling with plastic wrap and allow to thicken in the fridge.

If you’re anything like me I’m sure that you head is spinning with possibilities right now! Just think of all of the different liquors you can mix with pudding!! There will be a tequila and lime cake on here in the future. I can promise you that!


Follow the instructions for a half recipe of the Swiss Meringue Butter-Cream. When it comes time to add the flavor add 1/4 cup of Bailey’s Irish Cream and omit the vanilla.

Put it all Together:

I made this cake as a 6 inch. The flavors are pretty rich to be much larger than that. If you do decide on an 8 inch you will have enough frosting and filling so don’t worry about that.

Spoon the filling onto the bottom cake leaving space for it to spread. Try to get as much as you can on there. If it drips down the side just wipe it away with your finger.

Place the top cake on the bottom one and spread the butter-cream on in a thin layer as a crumb coat to catch all of the crumbs. Place the cake in the fridge and allow ten minutes at least for the butter-cream to harden.

When the butter-cream is hard spread on a thicker layer of butter-cream as your top coat. decorate in which ever style is your favorite. I like to use the remaining filling as a topper over the butter-cream to make it look extra fancy!

This cake really is best if it has a day to sit and allow the filling to soak into the cake.




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  1. i love all these friendly recipes that sound great and seem very simple…just the way i like it πŸ™‚ i would suggest to post the picture of your design on the recipes for the cakes/cupcakes so we can also admire your skills in not just written word but as a visual aid as well πŸ™‚

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