Chocolate Gear

5 Aug

I always try to find the least expensive easiest way to do things in the kitchen. I’m also not a huge fan of having to store dozens of different small appliances. However, I have found that when working with chocolate or melting candy wafers a chocolate melting pot is a crucial piece of equipment to have.

I use the Wilton Chocolate Pro chocolate melter. It costs around $30 and is relatively small and easy to store. When I first started working with cake pops I tried using both the microwave and double boiler methods and found that my cake pops looked terrible. When working with deserts that need to be dipped or even drizzled maintaining a regular temperature is key. The quality of the chocolate diminishes as you heat and cool it over and over. This is especially true if you over heat your chocolate or melting candy in an attempt to be able to dip a few more treats before it cools. Inevitably I become impatient and impatience and chocolate do not go hand in hand. The temperature stays even and consistent in the chocolate melter. This ensures that the only additional work needed after you turn it on is adding chocolate as you run out.

I have found that it is important to have a container wide enough and deep enough to completely immerse a cake pop. Cake pops can only handle so much force during the coating process. A chocolate melting pot is the right depth and shape to allow a cake pop to be easily twirled inside. The chocolate melting pot allows a person to have more fun  with their treat making experience by avoiding some of the frustration of things falling apart. This is a very worth while product. I truly believe that the ease in which you can coat your cake pops could very likely be the thing that makes or breaks your cake pop experience. I highly recommend this piece of equipment if you have cake pop dreams like I do.


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