A Neat-O Trick for Killing Flies

2 Sep

As the summer winds down and it starts to ge a little colder out there at night I suddenly seem to always have some a-hole fly buzzing inside my house. Sometimes if I’m feeling charitable I will catch beetles and spiders and throw them back outside but who would ever catch and release a fly? When it comes to flies I just have to kill them.

A little while ago I was researching chicken care because it is my goal to get some chickens next year and I discovered that chickens love to eat maggots. The website (if I manage to find it again I will add a link to this post) suggested taking compost scraps and a carton of milk and mixing them together in a black garbage bag and letting them rot. The idea is to let them rot to an absolutely disgusting level. As soon as your gruesome concoction is ready you walk out to the middle of your yard, open the bag and leave it there for eight or ten hours preferably on a hot day.

The overwhelming stench is like candy to flies who will flock to it from near and far and lay their eggs in it. At the end of the day you close up the bag with all of the fly eggs in it and throw it in the garbage. Or you could leave it somewhere warm for a few days and then feed the maggots to your chickens. Either way you have effectively wiped out all of the flies anywhere near where you live. In the country they say this technique will even reduce the amount of flies that irritate your cows. I  didn’t try it this year because frankly it’s disgusting. But next year I may just do it.

5 thoughts on “A Neat-O Trick for Killing Flies

  1. I love your idea! I live right in the middle of a small town which does not prevent us from getting flies! I wonder how long it would take me to get in trouble for having this bad smelling concoction drawing in flies in my backyard! ….I live across the street from the sheriff’s office…one block from the school….well….one block from just about everything in town! Thanks for the good laugh! I will do some thinking about it before I try it though!

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