Spiders Be Gone!

10 Sep

So I don’t know if it’s just because I live on a farm but the bugs around here have been trying to get into our house like crazy since the weather got colder at night. It reminds me of one of those zombie movies. Sometimes when I look out my front door there’s a small hoard trying to force its way in. The other day my husband actually took the time and energy to catch a spider and throw it outside only to immediately have it run right back into the house by squeezing under the door. Luckily for us we have cats. Spiders and other insects are quite a treat for cats; being both delicious and entertaining. Kind of like dinner and a movie! However if you don’t have cats and you want to eradicate your spider problem without horrible chemicals it’s really quite a simple fix. The solution: Walnuts! In the shell. It is the shell that is toxic to spiders so you have to make sure you use whole walnuts. They can be hard to find at times but they are always for sale around Christmas time. I have found that a walnut conveniently stays potent for about a year so it is usually perfect timing when you need to buy more.

Simply put one walnut in the most inviting part of the room to spiders and the only spider you will ever see again may be a dead one laying next to the walnut. If you have kids or dogs and you are worrying about choking or just plain your walnut disappearing walnuts do work when placed on window sills too. Hope this little tip will leave your home happily spider free!

22 thoughts on “Spiders Be Gone!

  1. my family has black walnut tree would it matter if its either black walnut or walnut i know it sounds silly but its a legit question ?

    • As far as I know black walnut husks kill all kinds of parasites. Even microscopic ones that live in our bodies and cause stomach problems! I would think that black walnut would work even better! Having said that I have never tried myself. I would love to hear if it works for you.

  2. Could one put the walnuts in the basement and garage to fend off black windows and brown recuses? This is a wonderful tip if it works!

    • I always put walnuts in the basement! It works like a charm. We mostly had wolf spiders big ugly ones but their bite didn’t really do much. Brown recluse and black widows are much scarier but I can’t see why the walnuts wouldn’t work on them. I would put one walnut in each corner at least if you have lots of them. When I first heard about this I put 10 walnuts in my basement and I literally never saw a spider there again. Except for one dead one beside one of the walnuts. I don’t know about the garage. I’ve never tried. I can’t see why not.

  3. The squirrels are actually stashing these in our area for the winter. I’m going to grab a few to give this a try. I have pets in the house so this is much better than chemicals. Thanks for the tip!

    • It’s pretty amazing that you can just go outside and grab some! I’ve been looking for walnuts in the shell to take a picture for the blog for weeks now and I can’t even find any in the stores! Thanks for reading!

  4. Is there any possibility of the walnuts attracting mice into the house? I have a country home in the woods that sits empty for months at a time – I’m always fighting the potential for mice moving in while also trying to keep the spiders out. Thanks for the idea!

    • I don’t think so. I have done this for years and have never seen a mouse. Country mice are a little more determined than city mice though. I’d hate to give bad advice, but, if it were me I’d still try. I don’t know how easy it would be for a mouse to get into that shell. Good luck.

  5. I have a Big walnut tree in between the neighbors house and ours. Do i leave the smelly green coating on them or take it off? I really don’t want that in my basement. Please help. We have a huge spider issue. I hate bugs…

  6. How about just the shells. Crushed shells used in reptile bedding and also abrasion blasting. Easy to find. Would it work instead of whole nuts?

    • That is a great point! It totally is just the shell that is repelling the spiders and I can’t see why they wouldn’t work on their own.

  7. They have a new cat litter that’s made out of walnut shells, I’ve been using it, I’m going to try it on spiders also.

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