Self Defense Against Cupcakes!

7 Sep

As you can probably tell if you read my blog I am in a constant struggle between my absolute love of food, specifically cakes and cupcakes, and wanting to lose weight. Alas, it seems so unfair that my favorite kind of artistic expression has to be in the form of butter and sugar. Maybe I’m being unrealistic here but I refuse to choose between two things of equal importance. I want both. In fact I want everything that I want and I want it all now…but I digress.

One might think ‘you can have it all if you just practice self control’. I must confess that this thought did cross my mind briefly along with visions of my inner self standing behind the bars of a self-induced prison. If you plan to succeed you must make a plan for yourself exactly as you are and not try to change who you are to fit into the plan.

I have been known to test my creations for “quality” constantly while I’m making them. I usually end up with a little bit of a stomach ache and I’m sure the results are much more disastrous for my figure. Thanks to my new obsession with pintrest I have come across more cupcake blogs and websites than I even knew existed a few weeks ago. A recurrent theme I’m noticing is that I am not alone in over taste testing my food and many of them use a very simple technique as a deterrent: CHEWING GUM! It’s brilliant. it’s simple, it requires no self control and very little planning. I love it and I had to pass it on. The possibilities are amazing here for how this could help you avoid extra calories in other ways. This is a great way to avoid appetizers at parties, junk food at the movies even a great way to avoid eating dessert. I love it and next time I go to Costco I’m hitting the gum isle!

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