Taco Night!

25 Sep

I have to admit every single time a friend on Facebook announces “TACO NIGHT!!” I am filled with dinner envy. I love taco night! I think that every one does. Here are the ingredients that I think make the perfect taco night:


1.Ground beef mixed with chopped mushrooms and fried with a packet of taco seasoning.

I try to mix all of my ground beef with mushrooms because mushrooms cook up like meat and reduce the calories in each serving without negatively impacting the taste. In fact I think they add to the flavor.

I have also discovered that you can buy taco seasoning from Costco and just use a few table spoons rather than spend all that money on individual packets of taco seasoning.

2. Chopped veggies! Lettuce, tomato and different colored peppers. My favorite pepper isgreen pepper especially in Mexican food because it adds a little bit of bitterness which will open up the palate and make all of the flavors taste so much more well-rounded. And in my opinion plain old iceberg lettuce is best in tacos. The lettuce is really just to add a refreshing crisp coolness to the food rather than any flavor.

3. Shredded cheddar! Cheddar is the best on tacos in my opinion. That strong almost dry taste of the cheddar really compliments the slight oily consistency of the meat.

4. Sour cream. Also to add a bright cool contrast to the palate.

5. Avocados and chips. On the side. Also to brighten up the flavor of the spicy meat and the dry strong cheese.

I love taco night! I hope this has inspired you to have taco night soon!



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