Basic American Frosting

30 Sep

This is the recipe for good, old-fashioned, plain American frosting. I was pretty excited to discover Swiss butter-cream! I wanted to use it one everything; but as the debate raged on, it was decided that, while the Swiss meringue butter-cream is amazing, nothing beats plain American frosting on a cupcake.van4ways.jpg

1 lb butter
1 kg icing sugar
2 tbsp vanilla extract

For those of you who don’t have kilograms where you live I have found a one to two ratio of butter and sugar works the best. or you can simply mix one standard size package of butter to one standard size package of icing sugar. If it becomes a little thick add a splash of cream until you achieve your desired consistency. I have also found that if I want American butter-cream to get really light and fluffy I just beat it for about 5 mins in my stand  mixer and it gets so light it almost changes the way that it tastes. It is possible to over mix the icing and cause it to “break” where it gets all weird and separated. If this happens to you just put it in the fridge and cool it until it is completely hard and then re mix it.


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